Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

If you meet the right criteria you can move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna and get Permanent Residency and Citizenship. Current Australia Visas available to Wallis and Futuna residents include skilled migration, partner visas, employment based visas and investment visas.

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Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna


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Emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

To emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna and obtain your visa depends on factors such as your age, occupation and country of origin. All visa applications form Wallis and Futuna are considered and processed using the same method and are assessed on exactly the same criteria so there is no bias.


Australia is currently still open for Immigration from Wallis and Futuna and the fact they have strict Immigration requirements is one of the reasons individuals, families and business from Wallis and Futuna are keen to make the move Down Under.


Many migrants each year move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna for its fantastic weather, powerful growing economy, standard of living and excellent work-life balance.


The most common visa categories for Australia are:


  • Australian Skilled Visas
  • Working  Holiday Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Family and Spouse Visas
  • Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Australian Partner Visas
  • Australian Student Visas
  • Australian Investor Visas

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How to Move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

  • Be aged under 45
  • Score 65 Australian Immigration Points
  • Have a Positive Skills Assessment
  • Lodge an Expression of Interest
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply
  • Pay the Visa Fees
  • Pass Health and Character Checks

Requirements to Move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna with Permanent Residence

To be granted Australian Permanent Residency you will require either a 189, 190 or 491 Visa.


The 189, 190 and 491 Visas are classed as Skilled Migration.


To be able to move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna as a Permanent Resident you will require an occupation on either the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL). These are lists occupations in demand in Australia.


Skills Assessment for Permanent Residence

In addition to having an occupation in demand you will require a Positive Skill Assessment to emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna.


Every Occupation on the MLTSSL and STSOL has a designated Skills Assessment body. It is the job of the Skills Assessment body to validate your identity, qualifications and work experience.


Skill Assessment Authorities are private businesses licensed by Australian Immigration to conduct Skills Assessments for Wallis and Futuna Citizens moving to Australia.

Making an Expression of Interest on SkillSelect

Once you have a positive Skills Assessment then you can make an Expression of Interest, provided you have an overall Points Score of 65 or more.


The Expression of Interest (EOI) in Australia is a preliminary application where candidates interested in moving to Australia demonstrate their qualifications, work experience and skills.


An EOI is submitted through SkillSelect, an online system managed by the Australian government.


By filling out an EOI, applicants from Wallis and Futuna make themselves available to be considered for a skilled visa.


The EOI is not a visa application but is necessary for receiving an invitation to formally apply for a visa.


Applicants are ranked according to their age, English language proficiency, professional experience and education. Invitations are issued to those who meet or exceed the threshold points score, reflecting Australia’s current labor market needs.

Why are People Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna?

Countries like Wallis and Futuna have unrestricted open door policies to newcomers that have caused significant economic and cultural shifts. The results of a 2024 survey by Migration Consultant LLC confirmed this as being the number one reason people are looking at moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna.

Family and Partner Visas

The most popular visas under this category are:


Partner Visa: This is a temporary to permanent visa that partners may apply for.


Dependent Child Visa: This visa allows the Wallis and Futuna child to move to or reside in Australia until their parent’s Partner Visa application is approved


Parent Visa: This visa category is designed to allow eligible parents from Wallis and Futuna to stay in Australia indefinitely, work, study and apply for Australian citizenship if eligible


Prospective Marriage Visa: This visa allows individuals from Wallis and Futuna to come to Australia to join their Australian based fiancé (prospective spouse).

Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna on a Business Visa

Business Innovation and Investment Visa


The purpose of this visa is to allow eligible business people from Wallis and Futuna to come to Australia to continue their investment activities on a permanent basis


Business Talent Visa


Individuals willing to invest at least AUD 1.5 million into a new or existing business can apply for this visa to permanently stay in Australia.


Global Talent Visa


This visa is for eligible individuals who have an internationally recognised record of achievement in the area of a profession, sport, the arts, academia or research


Employer Nomination Scheme


The visa allows eligible individuals who are nominated by an employer to come to Australia for permanent residency and work purposes. The subcategories include the Direct Entry stream, the Labour agreement stream, and the temporary residence transition stream.


Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa


This visa has been designed for individuals who have lived, worked, or studied in a designated region in Australia on an appropriate visa in the past.



Graduate Visa


This visa allows graduates under the age of 31 years old to stay in Australia for up to 18 months if they have completed an engineering degree at an eligible educational institution in the two years prior to application


Temporary Activity Visa


This temporary visa allows individuals to come to Australia for the purpose of short term, temporary work and to participate in events endorsed by the Australian government.

How to become a permanent Australian resident

You can become a permanent resident of Australia if you are a Citizen of Wallis and Futuna and meet the eligibility criteria.


The easiest way for a Wallis and Futuna Citizen to obtain permanent residency in Australia is the skilled work visa and family visa.


Applicants will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after they hold permanent residence for three years.

Benefits of Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

  • You get the right to live and work in any area of Australia.


  • Your family members are eligible to move with you.


  • Children are entitled to free education.


  • Apply for permanent residence on behalf of your family members.


  • You can convert Permanent Residence to full Australia Citizenship and Dual Nationality.


  • You are eligible to apply for citizenship after three years.


  • You can travel freely to and from Australia.


  • You get access to the full range of Financial Services in Australia.


  • You can start and own a business 100%.


  • You can buy and own property.


Disadvantages of Moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna


  • You might miss Wallis and Futuna and want to return.


  • Your family might not settle in to the Australian way of life.


  • You are not eligible for any Government support for two years.


  • It may take tie to adapt from Wallis and Futuna culture to Australian culture.



Below is a table outlining the numbers of visas allocated to each migration program in 2024-2025:

Skilled Visa Number of places available
Skilled Independent
Skilled Regional Employer Sponsored
Business Innovation and Investment Program
State/Territory Regional
Global Talent
Distinguished Talent
Skilled visas (total)
Family visas and others

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Guide to Australian work visas

These are the Australian work visas available for Wallis and Futuna Citizens emigrating to Australia:


  • Skilled workers from Wallis and Futuna


  • Individuals who undertake specific activities


  • Highly specialized workers


  • Trainees on short-term visas


  • Experienced businesspeople


  • Individuals who are investors

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Direct Entry Stream) requirements

  • Individuals from Wallis and Futuna must have the necessary skills to undertake the job.


  • Wallis and Futuna applicants should be on the list of eligible skilled occupations


  • Applicants will be nominated by an Australian employer


  • Candidates have to meet health and character requirements


  • Visa applicants from Wallis and Futuna must have a competent standard of English


  • Applicants will be under the age of 45

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist Visa) requirements

  • Must have highly specialized skills, knowledge, or experience to undertake work in an Australian business


  • Hold adequate funds to maintain yourself


  • Other health and character requirements

What do I need to visit Australia from Wallis and Futuna?

As a Wallis and Futuna citizen, you need to use a valid passport with 6 months validity to enter Australia.


As a Citizen of Wallis and Futuna visiting Australia you will require the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601).


The ETA is an Australian travel authorization that allows visitors from Wallis and Futuna to enter Australia for short-term stays for tourism or business visitor purposes.


It is electronically linked to your passport and allows you to visit Australia as many times as you wish within a 12-month period, for stays of up to three months at a time.


The ETA application process is completed online and is a convenient way for eligible travelers from Wallis and Futuna to secure permission to travel to Australia without a traditional visa stamp.


It is recommended that your Wallis and Futuna passport is in date for at least six months when you travel, owing to restrictions by some airlines and countries.


You will also need a credit or debit card (or valid online Paypal account) as well as a valid email address.

How long does it take to process the Australian ETA?

The standard processing time for a Wallis and Futuna Citizen going to Australia on a visit visa is 24 hours and costs $20.

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Who can apply to move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna on an Australian family visa?

Wallis and Futuna partners of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible to apply for the following Australian family visas:

  • Partner Visa
  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Tourist Stream
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa
  • Sponsored Family Stream
  • Frequent Traveller Stream
  • Aged Dependent Relative Visa
  • Carer Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Aged Parent Visa
  • Dependent Child Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Adoption Visa

Visa holders inviting family members

In order to apply to bring a family member to Australia from Wallis and Futuna, it is important to first identify if the visa will be issued on a temporary or permanent basis.


It is also advisable to check whether the individual wants to enter the country once or multiple times, and this will influence the type of visa that can be applied for.

Returning Australian with overseas-born family

If Australia citizens living abroad wish to bring their Wallis and Futuna national family, it is necessary to apply for citizenship by descent.


You can then apply for a passport on their behalf if the citizenship application is approved.

Leaving Wallis and Futuna

Every dream begins with a single step. If you’ve dreamed of starting a new life in Australia from Wallis and Futuna now is the time. With an Australia Migration Consultant in Wallis and Futuna, you can make this life changing journey hassle free with a complete ‘done-for-you service’, leaving you free to get involved in the exciting stuff and planning the move.

Migrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

Moving from Wallis and Futuna to Australia is an exciting yet complex task. However, don’t be put off. Many of our clients from Wallis and Futuna have successfully completed the move and now live all across Australia. Take a Free Visa Assessment for the full facts on Immigrating to Australia from Wallis and Futuna and to check your eligibility.

Is it possible to emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna with a criminal record?

Having a criminal record can make moving from Wallis and Futuna to Australia more complex, but it may still be feasible depending on the nature of your offense.


The Australian Department for Home Affairs will assess your criminal history by obtaining a police clearance certificate from the Wallis and Futuna.


Based on the seriousness of your prior convictions and various other considerations, they will determine whether you meet the requirements of this assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of visas are available for moving to Australia from the Wallis and Futuna?

Skilled Migration Visas


Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)


For skilled workers from Wallis and Futuna who are not sponsored by an employer or  family member or state or territory.


Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)


Requires nomination by an Australian state or territory government agency.


Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)


For skilled workers from Wallis and Futuna nominated by a state or sponsored by an eligible family member to live and work in regional Australia.


Family Visas


Partner Visa


For Wallis and Futuna spouses or partners of Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.


Parent Visa


Allows Wallis and Futuna based parents of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to move to Australia.


Child Visa


For dependent children of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


Student Visas (Subclass 500)


Allows individuals to come to Australia from Wallis and Futuna to study full-time.


Work Visas


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)


Allows Australian employers to sponsor a skilled worker from Wallis and Futuna when they are unable to find an Australian citizen to do the work.


Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)


For skilled workers from Wallis and Futuna nominated by their employer to live and work in Australia permanently.


Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417 and Subclass 462)


For younger people from Wallis and Futuna to have an extended holiday and work in Australia to fund their travels.


Visitor Visas


Tourist Visa (Subclass 600, eVisitor Subclass 651, Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601)


For people visiting Australia from Wallis and Futuna for tourism, business visitor activities or to visit their family.


Business and Investment Visas


Designed for individuals from Wallis and Futuna who want to invest in Australia by starting or buying a business or investing a significant sum.

Can my family join me when I emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna?

Yes, your family can join you when you emigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna, provided you meet the specific requirements set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


When you immigrate to Australia from Wallis and Futuna with the Skilled Migration program all your immediate family are eligible to be included on your application. The Australian rights granted to you also apply to them.


Other Australian Visas for your family to join you are:


Partner Visas: Your spouse or de facto partner from Wallis and Futuna, including same-sex partners can join you in Australia. You need to prove your relationship is genuine and meet health and character requirements.


Child Visas: Your dependent children are eligible to join you. You must show and evidence their dependency on you, whether they are under 18 or over 18 and still dependent on you for financial support due to being a full time student or having a disability.


Parent Visas: You can sponsor your parents from Wallis and Futuna to live in Australia if you are a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident. Your parents must meet the balance-of-family test, which requires at least half of their children to be permanently residing in Australia.

How does the points-based immigration system work?

The points-based immigration system in Australia objectively assesses prospective migrants  from Wallis and Futuna based on factors directly correlated with their ability to contribute to the Australian economy and integrate into society.


Applicants from Wallis and Futuna must score a minimum 65 points to be eligible for skilled migration visas.


Points are awarded for:


  • age
  • English language proficiency
  • skilled employment experience
  • educational qualifications
  • partner skills
  • Australian study


To successfully apply to move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna under the Skilled Migration Points based system, candidates must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect.


Applicants from Wallis and Futuna need a minimum of 65 points to be considered, but higher scores increase the likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa.


The points-based system is designed to be transparent so  that those with the skills most needed in Australia are prioritized for migration.

What healthcare services are available to Wallis and Futuna expatriates in Australia?

Upon obtaining a valid visa, expats from Wallis and Futuna become eligible for Australia's public healthcare system, Medicare.


Most Australian's also have Private Medical cover and it is recommended that if you are moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna you should secure Private Health Insurance cover.


Newcomers from Wallis and Futuna also have the right to access emergency medical services in Australia. Hospitals and emergency departments provide immediate treatment in life-threatening and serious situations.

How long does the emigration process take from Wallis and Futuna?

For skilled migration visas for Wallis and Futuna Citizens, such as the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) or the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), the processing time is 7 to 12 months.


Partner and Parent visas have longer processing times due to high demand. These take from 12 to 24 months to process.

Will I receive free healthcare as a resident of Australia if I come from Wallis and Futuna?

The Australian public healthcare system is called Medicare. This system covers free or subsidised treatments by healthcare professionals.


Medicare is available to Australian Permanent Residence holders from Wallis and Futuna.


You will need to register and complete some paperwork when you arrive in Australia to confirm your eligibility for the scheme. You should do this 7 to 10 days after you arrive in Australia.

What is the education system like in Australia for my children?

If you are relocating to Australia from Wallis and Futuna, you will want to make sure the whole family settles in nicely.


Part of that is knowing the education options available for your children, how it works and whether you need to be paying.


After all, one of the great advantages of an international move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna is the quality of life it offers, which should also stretch to education.


Australian Schools vs Wallis and Futuna Schools


The standard of education in Australia is world-class, which is great news for your family.


The Human Development Index (HDI) ranked Australia third in the world out of a total of 174 countries based on high GDP, life expectancy, literacy and education.


As in Wallis and Futuna, you will have a choice between public (state) schools, faith schools and private education, with most children –around 65%– attending public schools.


Education is compulsory from ages six to 16, with the government recommending a year at preschool before primary school.


How Much Do Public Schools Cost in Australia?


In Australia, public schools are free of charge to Australians and permanent residents from Wallis and Futuna, but you will be expected to pay for certain things such as school uniforms, books and other supplies.


You apply to each school directly and in order to qualify for free public school education you will need to show documentation as proof of residence.


Private Schools


There are lots of private schools to choose from across Australia, although fees can be high.


Much like Wallis and Futuna, there are independent schools and then there are those that are associated with a faith or an educational ideology.


As with Wallis and Futuna, these private schools are considered to offer a better education with more varied extracurricular activities and teachers are paid more.

Can I bring my pets with me from Wallis and Futuna to Australia?

Yes, you can bring your pets with you when you move to Australia. Your pets must have all their paperwork from Wallis and Futuna and all their vaccinations must be up to date including for Rabies. 

Can I open a Bank Account in Australia from Wallis and Futuna?

Yes, you can open an Australian Bank account as soon as your visa is granted. This means you can open an account in Australia from Wallis and Futuna even before you make the move. This is because the Banks can rely on the Australian Government to have done extensive KYC checks as part of the Visa application process.

How do I ensure my Wallis and Futuna professional qualifications are recognized in Australia?

As the lead applicant on a Skilled Migration application you will have received a positive Skills Assessment as part of your application. This ensures your Wallis and Futuna qualifications and experience are recognized in Australia. If you are not the lead applicant you can get also Skills Assessment done if required.

Can I return to the UK easily after moving to Australia?

Yes, with Skilled Migration and other non-temporary visas you can enter and leave Australia anytime you choose. This means there is no restrictions on how many times you want to go back and visit Wallis and Futuna or any other Country in the World.

How hard is it to move to Australia from Wallis and Futuna?

Immigrating to Australia from Wallis and Futuna is a complex legal task. It requires a thorough understanding of constantly evolving laws, regulations, and procedures.


Navigating this intricate landscape demands not only familiarity with the legal framework but also an acute awareness of the practical implications of these laws on individuals and families looking to migrate.


The process involves multiple stages, including choosing the correct visa type, fulfilling eligibility criteria, preparing and submitting detailed applications and responding to any requests for additional information or clarifications from the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Most read articles related to moving to Australia from Wallis and Futuna

Living in Australia - what you need to know

These are the basic facts you need to know about Australia if you’re considering moving there from Wallis and Futuna:


  • Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Main language – English
  • Population – approx. 26.2 million
  • Number of British expats – approx. 1.2 million
  • Most popular cities for Wallis and Futuna expats – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.


There is a large Wallis and Futuna expat community in Australia, so you’ll have plenty of support when you arrive.

Cost of living - how much money do you need to move to Australia?

Before relocating to Australia, you need to make sure you can afford to live there.


In general, the cost of living in Australia is a bit more compared to Wallis and Futuna, except in a few key areas. For example, groceries are up to 42% more expensive, and you could also pay more for public transport and rent. However, utilities tend to be cheaper than Wallis and Futuna.


Purchasing a property can be more expensive in Australia than Wallis and Futuna. For example, the price per square metre to buy a city centre apartment is around 16% higher than Wallis and Futuna.


Remember that when it comes to the cost of living in any country, it depends where you live and what you typically buy.

Healthcare system

The Australian healthcare system is known to be efficient and excellent, but do newcomers from Wallis and Futuna and non-citizens have access to it?


The public universal healthcare system, Medicare, provides free or reduced doctor’s appointments, medicines and essential hospital treatment. 


When you move down under, you’ll need to start paying income tax (which is how Medicare is funded, through a special tax levy) to access the system as a permanent resident. However, many Australians also have private health insurance too, using it in combination with the public healthcare service.


Taking out a policy could be a good idea as a newcomer from Wallis and Futuna, as many services (such as dentistry) and medicines aren’t free. It’s good to know you and your family are fully covered from the moment you arrive, so there aren’t any unexpected medical bills to worry about.

Opening an Australian bank account

An Australian bank account will make life easier as a new arrival from Wallis and Futuna, especially when it comes to paying rent and covering everyday expenses. And if you get a job or expect to receive income from elsewhere, a bank account will be essential for paying in your earnings.


The good news for Wallis and Futuna expats is that it is straightforward to open an Australian bank account as a non-citizen.


Major banks, such as NAB, CommBank, ANZ Bank and Westpac let you open your account online or over the phone while you’re still based in Wallis and Futuna.


To open an everyday transactions (current) account in Australia from Wallis and Futuna you will need to show enough qualifying ID documents to meet the 100 point check system that most Australian banks use. Each type of ID is worth a certain number of points. If you wait until you arrive, you will only need to show your passport.

Finding a job in Australia

If you have the right to work in Australia, you’ll need to start job hunting. You can potentially do this before you leave Wallis and Futuna, or wait until you arrive if you have enough money to support yourself.


Here are some good places to start your search:



If you are entering Australia on a work-stream permanent residence visa, you may already have a job with a sponsoring employer lined up.

Finding somewhere to live in Australia

Australia’s major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are the most attractive destinations for new expats from Wallis and Futuna.


But there are plenty of other options. For example, many expats from Wallis and Futuna love Adelaide. Alternatively, you may prefer beautiful year round sunshine in Brisbane, known for its relaxed country atmosphere.


It is a good idea to make a few trips out to Australia to get a feel for your chosen city or region, and to check out places to rent or buy.


But to start your search before you emigrate to Australia while you are still in Wallis and Futuna here are some handy links to try:


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