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Cardiologist Skills Assessment

Cardiologists investigate, diagnose and treat diseases of the human heart.


Skills Assessment Requirement


Unless you are exempt in very limited circumstances, you are required to have a positive Skills Assessment to apply for the visas listed above.


Skills Assessment authority for Cardiologist is Medical Board of Australia (MedBA). To have a positive skills assessment, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Three pathways for skills assessment
    • Competent Authority Pathway – for overseas trained non-specialists AND specialists including general practitioners
      • International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must have completed both the assessment and experience components of the medical course
      • IMGs must have secured an offer of employment prior to applying for this pathway
      • IMGs must have either an approved qualification or undergo an assessment of competency conducted by an approved body
      • Must successfully completed 12 months of supervised practice in an approved position

    • Standard Pathway – for international medical graduates seeking general registration
      • Must have a primary qualification in medicine recognised by the Australian Medical Council and World Directory of Medical Schools
      • Two types of Standard Pathway
        • AMC Examination – assessment of competency and skill by examination
        • Workplace-based Assessment – assessment by examination and workplace-based assessment of clinical skills and knowledge by an AMC credited authority
      • Must successfully completed 12 months of supervised practice in an approved position

    • Specialist Pathway – for Overseas-trained specialists applying for assessment that is comparable to a trained speciality in Australia (specialist registration) OR overseas-trained specialists applying for an area of need specialist level position in Australia (area of need)
      • Must have a primary qualification in medicine recognised by the Australian Medical Council and World Directory of Medical Schools AND must have satisfied all training and examination requirement to practice in their field of speciality
      • Please note if you currently hold or have previously held general registration you are not eligible for the specialist pathway. You can complete specialist registration while holding general registration through a different process.



diagnose and treat internal human disorders and diseases using specialist testing, diagnostic and medical techniques. Medical Registrars training as Specialist Physicians are included in this unit group.

  • examining patients to determine the nature and extent of problems after referral from General Medical Practitioners and other medical specialists, and undertaking laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures
  • analysing test results and other medical information to make diagnoses
  • prescribing and administering drugs, and remedial and therapeutic treatment and procedures
  • recording medical information and data
  • reporting specified contagious and notifiable diseases to government health and immigration authorities
  • may admit or refer patients to hospitals
  • may consult other medical specialists

Skill Level
Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification, two years hospital-based training, and at least five years specialist study and training (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Registration or licensing is required.

Occupations in this Group
  • 253311 Specialist Physician (General Medicine)
  • 253312 Cardiologist
  • 253313 Clinical Haematologist
  • 253314 Medical Oncologist
  • 253315 Endocrinologist
  • 253316 Gastroenterologist
  • 253317 Intensive Care Specialist
  • 253318 Neurologist
  • 253321 Paediatrician
  • 253322 Renal Medicine Specialist
  • 253323 Rheumatologist
  • 253324 Thoracic Medicine Specialist
  • 253399 Specialist Physicians nec