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Engineering Manager Skills Assessment


Engineers migrating to Australia are required to complete a skills assessment with Engineers Australia before lodging a visa application.

There are two pathways for the engineer skills assessment, these being:

Accredited Qualification – this requires evidence of the professional qualification and include an academic transcript of the degree qualification.

  • An Australian engineering qualification, or
  • An overseas engineering qualification that is recognised through a formal agreement with engineering accreditation bodies in other countries.

For overseas qualifications there are two pathways:

  • The Washington Accord, which deals with undergraduate professional engineering programs


  • The Sydney Accord, which deals with engineering technologist programs


Non-recognised Qualification – this requires the submission of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This detailed report must include qualifications attained, the application of engineering experience and knowledge, and how competency standards of the relevant engineering classification in Australia have been met.

Occupations assessed by Engineers Australia

  • Engineering Manager (ANZSCO Code 133211)
  • Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233111)
  • Materials Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233112)
  • Civil Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233211)
  • Geotechnical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233212)
  • Structural Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233214)
  • Transport Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233215)
  • Electrical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233311)
  • Electronics Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233411)
  • Industrial Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233511)
  • Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233512)
  • Production or Plant Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233513)
  • Mining Engineer -excluding Petroleum (ANZSCO Code 233611)
  • Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233612)
  • Aeronautical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233911)
  • Agricultural Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233912)
  • Biomedical Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233913)
  • Engineering Technologist (ANZSCO Code 233914)
  • Environmental Engineer (ANZSCO Code 233915)
  • Naval Architect (ANZSCO Code 233916)
  • Telecommunications Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263311)
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263312)
  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO Code 312311)
  • Telecommunications Field Engineer (ANZSCO Code 313212)
  • Telecommunications Network Planner (ANZSCO Code 313213)
  • Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist (ANZSCO Code 313214)

Migration Consultant will advise you about what exactly is required and prepare these in readiness for assessment.