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Migrate to Australia as a Footballer

Australia has a critical shortage of Footballers. If you are a qualified Footballer aged under 45 then you are eligible to migrate to Australia provided you can score 65 points and have a positive Skills Assessment.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Footballer

  • Be aged under 45
  • Score 65 Australian Immigration Points
  • Have a Positive Skills Assessment from Vetasses
  • Lodge an Expression of Interest
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply
  • Pay the Visa Fees
  • Pass Health and Character Checks

Criteria for Footballers to Migrate to Australia

You don’t have to be a professional footballer at the top of the game to gain a visa to live and play sport in Australia. There are football clubs all over the country from professional to semi-professional to amateur in need of quality players. You could even find a football club to play for during your gap year down under. So, how do you move to Australia as a footballer and play down under?


How to move to Australia as a footballer


If you want a new adventure, experience something new, or you are looking to jump start your football career, a move to Australia as a footballer might just be the thing for you. Australia provides individuals with beautiful coastal towns, a great quality of life, and competitive football for players looking for a new adventure.


The Australian government offers individuals who want to emigrate to Australia a range of different visa options to suit a range of different circumstances.


Footballer is an Occupation in Demand in Australia. Those looking to emigrate to Australia for either a short or longer term can do so under Australia’s Skilled Migration Permanent Resident Visa Program on either 189 or 190 visa subclass.


These visas are the very pinnacle of Australia’s live and work visas and they allow successful applicants to:


Live and work in Australia for short, medium or long term


The Skilled Migration visa isn’t linked to any employer and is not dependent on securing a job first


Individuals can bring their families with them and any spouse or partner can work full time


Holders can own all types of property and access all Financial Services


Children of 189 and 190 visa holders are eligible to receive free world class education


Australia Permanent Residents can access Medicare Health Services


Holders of this visa (and their families) can apply for Dual Citizenship after four years


Apply to emigrate to Australia as a Footballer


Emigrating to Australia is a clearly defined complex legal process and Let’s Go Global and our Partners have a 100% success rate with Footballers moving to Australia.


Move to Australia as a Footballer Step One


To successfully emigrate to Australia as a Footballer you’ll need to be able to score 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points Matrix. Points are awarded for age, experience, qualifications and English language skills


Emigrate to Australia as a Footballer points for age

Age 18 – 24 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points


Emigrate to Australia as a Footballer points for English Language Skills

Good = 20 points
Medium = 10 points
Basic = 0 points


Points for length of work experience

3 to 5 years = 5 points
5 to 8 years = 10 points
8 years + = 15 points


Move to Australia as a Footballer points for qualifications

PHD = 20 points
Degree = 15 points
Trade Qualification = 10 points


With a close family member in Australia you can add on up to a further 5 or 10 points. If you don’t have a close family member already resident in Australia don’t worry, we will always make an application across the State visa class of Permanent Residency. Go ahead and add in a further 5 or 10 points as required because this route brings automatic extra points.


Emigrate to Australia as a Footballer Stage Two


After identifying 65 points Individuals looking to move to Australia will need to prove to the Australian Government they are indeed a footballer!


Individuals need to secure a positive Skills Assessment from Vetassess at this stage in the application. Vetassess is licensed by Australian Immigration to check and verify a Footballer’s credentials and eligibility to emigrate. A Skills Assessment costs $968 AUD.


The Australian Immigration ANZSCO code for a Footballer is 452411


Footballer 452411 also includes Community and Personal Service Workers, Sports and Personal Service Workers, Sports and Fitness Workers and some more general people aligned with the sport.


Individuals moving to Australia as a Footballer will need to show evidence they play football professionally in competitions and have high levels of physical fitness, sporting ability and personal commitment. Registration or licensing is required in a footballer’s home country.


Footballer 452411 is a Skill Level 3 occupation so it will prove advantageous for individuals to have a level of skill or qualifications equivalent to one of the following:


– NZ Register Level 4 qualification
– AQF Certificate IV or
– AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training.


At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for formal qualifications though in some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification.


Move to Australia as a Footballer Stage Three


With 65 points and a positive skills assessment applicants then lodge an Expression of Interest with the Department of Home Affairs. Leading to an eventual ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a Live and Work Visa after a few months (on average).


Other ways to play football in Australia


The 408 Temporary Activity visa.


This visa allows you to come to Australia to participate in specific types of work on a short-term, temporary basis. The Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa covers a number of activities including sports.


The visa gives you the opportunity to play, coach, or instruct sports for an Australian team. It also enables you to take part in high level sports training with a sporting club or organisation.


According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, you will be able to stay up to two years if approved for the Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa. You will be able to bring family with you to live in Australia during your stay as well.


You must be able to fulfil certain obligations before being granted the visa. Firstly, you will be a football club or organisation as a sponsor or supporter. Secondly, you will need a formal contract and a letter of support from the football club or group you will be playing with.


Finally, the visa outlines that you cannot work in any other areas except your specified sporting activities. For example, you cannot take a part-time job to supplement your income while living and playing sports on a Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa.


How to find a job playing football in Australia


One of the most popular ways to find a job playing football is to contact a club directly. You will need to supply the club with a CV of your footballing career. This will begin the process of allowing you to emigrate to Australia as a footballer.


You must have a football club or organisation to sponsor you when applying for a Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa. So, you will want to be in contact with a football club or team before taking the steps to apply for the visa.


There are a number of websites available that advertise football jobs in Australia. You can find job boards with information about positions with clubs including coaching, playing, and other areas within organisations.


Social media is one way to draw the attention of football clubs today. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to post videos and images of your playing career. However, in the end, having a football CV that you can send to clubs is the best way to catch a club’s eye and move to Australia as a footballer.


Benefits of playing football in Australia


Australia is a beautiful multicultural country in the southern hemisphere. Oz offers footballers a number of great benefits including well-run professional, semi-professional and amateur teams. The country has high-quality sports stadiums and training facilities that enable players to get better and fulfill their potential. In addition, there are highly trained coaches plying their trade in Australia with many having experience coaching in Europe.


Players from English speaking countries will like Australia thanks to its shared cultures with the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. For a young football player coming from these countries, a move to Australia as a footballer can be made easier having a common language and familiar sights from back home.


Arguably the biggest benefit of playing football in Australia is the opportunity young players can receive. Often times, players from countries in Europe can find doors closed and opportunities in short supply. However, a move abroad, especially one to Australia can ignite a career waiting to get off the ground.


Football is one of Australia’s top four favourite sports. Despite its popularity, Australia’s population of just over 24 million people cannot fill all of the football playing positions. Why? Because large numbers of Australians participate in Australian Rules Football, rugby, cricket, and basketball. Therefore, there is a need for high-quality football players at a variety of levels down under.


Football in Australia


Australia is home to the A-League, which is the country’s football top-flight. Along with 10 Aussie teams, there is one from New Zealand currently. Below the A-League there is an assortment of state and territorial leagues with over 100 teams comprised in all of these lower leagues.


You can move to Australia as a footballer and find teams throughout the country. These teams can be located online and via social media giving you the chance to touch base and send through your football CV.


The game in Australia is growing thanks to the popularity of the A-League and the continued success of the Australian national team. The Socceroos have qualified for the last four FIFA World Cups. Thanks to the quality of play and coaching continually improving on the domestic front, the potential of Australian football is on the rise.


You can emigrate to Australia as a footballer and be a part of the growing success of Australian football. The country has a lot to offer and you can begin your adventure in Oz today.

What are the eligibility requirements for immigrating to Australia as a Footballer?

Eligibility requirements include being aged under 45, scoring 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points Score, having the required skills, qualifications, and meeting health and character checks.

Which skilled migration visas are suitable for Footballers in Australia?

The Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) is a popular choice for Footballers who want to immigrate to Australia independently without the need for sponsorship by an Australian employer.

The Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) is another attractive option for Footballers seeking to immigrate to Australia. Unlike the subclass 189 visa the subclass 190 requires Footballers to be nominated by an Australian state or territory government.

How do I get my Footballer skills assessed for Australian immigration purposes

The Australian assessing authority for Footballers is Vetassess. They are responsible for evaluating your qualifications, experience and skills to ensure they meet Australian standards. For Footballers, the assessment includes a review of your practical experience and any relevant certifications you hold.

Can I apply for permanent residency as a Footballer in Australia?

Yes, the 189 and 190 visa subclass grants Permanent Residency to holders right from the start. The PR rights and privileges awarded to you also apply to your spouse / partner and any dependents.

What are the processing times for skilled migration visas for Footballers?

Expect the whole process to take between 7 and 16 months from absolute start of the visa process to the absolute end.

Can I include my family members in my immigration application as a Footballer?

Yes! Your immediate family members are included.

What are the best places to look for work as a Footballer in Australia?

The best places to search for Footballer jobs in Australia include major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. These cities have a great construction and lots of opportunities.

Suburban and rural areas are also excellent options for Footballers migrating to Australia because they have a lower cost of living and a better work life balance. Smaller communities may have a demand for skilled Footballers in residential construction and artisan woodworking.

Are there any specific websites or job boards focused on Footballer jobs in Australia?

Yes, you can use job search websites like Seek (www.seek.com.au) and Indeed (www.indeed.com.au).

These platforms  list Footballer positions across Australia.

Additionally, as a Migration Consultant LLC client you have access to our dedicated Footballer recruitment service for new migrants to Australia.