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Life in Nova Scotia

Compared to many of Canada’s larger provinces, Nova Scotia has a significantly more affordable cost of living. For instance, more metropolitan provinces like Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario will require immigrants and existing citizens to earn a much higher wage to live comfortably than is required in Nova Scotia. Halifax is a port city located in Nova Scotia on Canada’s Atlantic coast. 

Typical House in Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. The Maritime province extends off of the North American continent into the north Atlantic Ocean. Compared to the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia is one of the country’s smallest provinces. Due to it being located on the Atlantic coast, Halifax has a long tradition in the fishing industry.


The city attracts people from all over Canada, but especially from the Nova Scotia province. Part of that reason is due to the distance in between Halifax and other major Canadian cities on the east coast. Halifax is an 18-hour drive from Toronto and 12 from Montreal. It is rather isolated from other major Canadian cities and the distance in between them shows just how far Nova Scotia juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.


The province has fewer than 1 million people residing in it. The small number of people living in the province means there is a lot of open wilderness that has been untouched. The wilderness is what attracts many people to the province and Halifax in particular.


Halifax is Canada’s 13th largest city in spite of being the capital of the province and a destination for individuals from the world over. The population of Halifax is around 400,000 making it a medium-sized city with plenty of big city amenities. Halifax is by far the biggest city in Nova Scotia.


Canada’s eastern coast is different than the one south of the border in the United States. It is more laid back with outdoors lovers regularly taking advantage of the countryside. Contrary to popular belief, the weather is not always cold and snowy. In fact, Halifax experiences four distinct seasons. Summer is one of the best times of the year as temperatures rise and people explore Halifax’s gorgeous harbor. There are also festivals and annual events held in the city that make it perfect for socializing.


The weather in Halifax is reasonable when compared with other Canadian Provinces. Its summers are beautiful and Halifax is usually sported the biting cold winters of Manitoba, Vancouver and Calgary. The hottest months are July, August, and then September.


Many people seeking a high-paying job in a fast-paced city typically choose to live in Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal. Halifax does not offer the same kind of hustle and bustle as those three cities. What is found in Halifax is a slower pace.


Individuals can find comfortable, well-paying jobs in Halifax. What is given up in the hustle and bustle of living in a big city like Toronto is made up for with comfort. Halifax offers a safe environment to raise a family. Getting around Halifax is also made easy due to its small size and public transport.


Long commutes to work are not necessary in the Atlantic Ocean playground. Because of it’s natural charm Halifax does tend to attract a lot of tourists that can sometimes make finding accommodation as a newcomer in Halifax a little more challenging, so it’s best to plan in advance.