How Much Cash in the Bank do I Need to Immigrate to Australia

How Much Cash in the Bank do I Need to Immigrate to Australia

Tips for Families Moving Australia

•    Use documentaries to familiarize kids with Australia.
•    Once there, get them involved in local clubs and activities to ease the transition.
•    Australia boasts diverse schooling options. It’s vital to choose the right fit.
•    Digital apps help them stay connected to friends back home.
•    Cities like Sydney or Melbourne are kid-friendly with strong expat communities.
•    Coastal areas offer great outdoor activities for children.
•    Families need the right visa. It’s essential for ensuring a smooth transition for kids.

How Much Money Do I Need to Move To Australia?

One of the questions we frequently hear is, ‘how much money do I need to emigrate to Australia?’ and it’s a very good and valid question.

Usually, clients want to know how much money they are expected to have in their bank account to migrate to Australia. They will usually have heard or read that they must have an amount of ‘show money’ before they can move to Australia on a Skilled Permanent Residency Visa.

There are two types of Permanent Visa and they have some slight variations

189 Visa: No show money required to move to Australia
190 Visa: Some States may require a financial declaration during the migration process. They will not be asking for proof, simply a declaration that you can support yourself and your family whilst you move to, and settle into the Country you will soon call home.

The whole concept of show money was thrown into disrepute a number of years ago when it transpired the rule was being abused by syndicates who would contribute to an individual’s show money requirement. Therefore it is not now a major factor in Immigrating to Australia.

How Much Money Do I Need to Move to Australia in Total

Now we’ve cleared up the show money requirement above, it’s time to look at total budget for a move to Australia.

Immigrating anywhere is never going to be a cheap process and most International Skilled Migrants accept this on face value. Yes, it costs money to immigrate to Australia, but how much exactly, and why does it all add up so quickly?

How Much Money Do I Need to Move To Australia: Money needed at stage one

Your first biggest cost will be in deciding whether to employ the services of a Migration Consultant or do the application process without an agent. Both are real, viable options. We always recommend using the services of a Professional although if you’re looking to go it alone please refer to the main Dept. of Home Affairs website for your information.

Please don’t rely on second hand advice or forums for the definite answers to what will likely be one of the most complex processes you’ve ever entered into.

Migration Agent fees vary greatly and do remember that they shouldn’t usually quote on a per person basis for your Move to Australia.

Expected cost of Migration Agent to move to Australia: $2700 – $5,000 AUD

We are aware of many agents charging less than this and whilst we think that’s commendable as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Move to Australia Cost: Money required for skills assessment

The next monetary requirement to factor into your overall move to Australia budget is your skills assessment cost. This mandatory stage in the Migration process will cost between $290 and $1500 AUD. Different occupations have different Skills Assessment providers. For example electricians and many skilled trades must do a practical assessment whereas for most professions it’s more of a paper based decision ready bundle that’s required.

Some Skills Assessment bodies accept clear scans of your documents and others required certified copies. Again it does vary depending on your occupation. If color certified copies of your documentation are required by a Solicitor or Public Notary then do allow up to $150 for this. Remember that you don’t need a hot shot lawyer to stamp and sign pieces of paper so do shop around for the very cheapest provider available. You’re not looking for advice, instruct them to simply stamp and sign.

Here is where you can take your first breath of air away from the costs of moving to Australia. There is now nothing more to pay for at least a few months whilst you wait to receive notice from the Australian Dept. of Immigration that you’ve been successfully called forward to apply for your Skilled Visa.

We advise though that you should use this period of no payments to start saving hard for your forthcoming move. Because once the wheels start to turn from this point forward momentum is going to gather at a quick pace and with a cumulative force.

How much money do I need to pay the Australian Government to Move to Australia?

Time for the big ones. When you are called forward by the Dept. of Immigration your Australian Government Visa Fees will fall due. The rates are:

Australian Government Visa Fees (Payable to the Australian Government towards the end of the process)

Main applicant: $3755 AUD
Secondary Applicant: $1875 AUD
Child under 18: $940 AUD
Dependent over 18: $1875 AUD

At this stage you will also need to take your medical tests and get your police checks done so do allocate funds for this:

How Much Money Do I Need to Move To Australia in terms of Medicals?

Expect to pay between $200 and $450 AUD per medical.

What other money do I need to Emigrate to Australia?

With your visas granted you’re now going to need money for flights, shipping, accommodation and everything required in building a new life in Australia.

As a rough guide expect to pay around $5,000 to $9,000 if you want to ship the entire contents of your home although usually clients sell their possessions and look to buy new ones once they’ve found somewhere nice to live. Usually, what looks good in one country can look very out of place in another. If you choose to take this route your shipping costs will reduce to around $2,000 for the real possessions you want to ship.

Pets can cost some serious money to relocate to Australia, although it depends on the size of the pet. Horses can cost up to $30,000 each whilst dogs and cats are a more realistic $900 to $1800.

We always recommend taking a serviced apartment for the first three months whilst you and your family settle into your new life as future Australian Citizens. How Much Money Do I Need to Move To Australia can be greatly influenced by your choice of accommodation, even in the short to medium term.

There are some great value serviced apartments and we’ve also linked up with some Air BnB hosts who rent out their homes on a monthly basis (or longer). These Air BnB hosts have been vetted to make sure all is in order and they are a great alternative to spending money on a serviced apartment as you can really start to experience life down under from the moment you arrive.

How much money do I need to move to Australia in total?

Given the above and our experience of all the other little costs and charges (not forgetting flights) a good budget to have for moving to Australia from now until three months after landing is between $15,000 AUD and $30,000 AUD for a family of four. Single applicants expect to budget money at around $7,000 AUD to $10,000 AUD. It does all depend though on your individual lifestyle requirements.

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How much money do I need to move to Australia – Questions Answered

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