Move to Canada With CUSMA

Move to Canada With CUSMA

Workers  and investors can move to Canada on work permits without having to go through the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process under an agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico (CUSMA). This agreement was previously called the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

CUSMA work permit applicants traveling directly from the United States submit their applications at a border crossing.

There are four different CUSMA categories:

  • Professionals
  • Intra-Company Transfers
  • Traders
  •  Investors


Professionals Moving to Canada


CUSMA professionals must have a job offer or a contract in one of the targeted professions in Canada to be eligible for the program.

These are the 63 skilled occupations:

  • Accountant
  • Agriculturist (Agronomist)
  • Animal Breeder
  • Animal Scientist
  • Apiculturist
  • Architect
  • Astronomer
  • Biochemist
  • Biologist
  • Chemist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Conservationist
  • Dairy Scientist
  • Dentist
  • Dietitian
  • Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster
  • Economist
  • Engineer
  • Entomologist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Forester
  • Geneticist
  • Geochemist
  • Geologist
  • Geophysicist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Horticulturist
  • Hotel Manager
  • Industrial Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Land Surveyor
  • Landscape Architect
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Management Consultant
  • Mathematician
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Meteorologist
  • Mining Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Physician (teaching or research only)
  • Physicist
  • Plant Breeder
  • Poultry Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Public Accountant
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Range Manager/Conservationist
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Research Assistant (working in a post-secondary educational institution)
  • Scientific Technician/Technologist
  • Social Worker
  • Soil Scientist
  • Sylviculturist (Forestry)
  • Technical Publications Writer
  • Urban Planner


CUSMA Work Permit applicants must show proof of their educational degrees and documentation of their work experience in the sector. It is not intended for individuals who want to set up their own business in Canada.

Work permits are valid for three years. They may then be renewed for up to three years and unlimited times provided that the applicant continues to satisfy all of the requirements.

Immigration officers must be confident that the work is still temporary and that the applicant is not seeking to circumvent ordinary immigration procedures by using CUSMA entry.

Employees from the United States or Mexico who are transferring to a Canadian branch are also eligible for CUSMA Intra-Firm Transfers.


CUSMA Traders


CUSMA Traders must be in Canada to undertake a significant trade in goods or services between Canada and the United States or Mexico, according to the rules of the CUSMA. “Substantial trade” is defined as trade in which more than 50% of the value of the goods and services traded is between Canada and one of the other CUSMA countries.

For example, the transaction’s volume or value might account for 50% of the total amount due in the transaction.




CUSMA investors must make a significant investment in a new or existing Canadian company, and they must intend to expand and oversee the company’s operations in the country after that.

Work permits in the CUSMA Investor category are also provided to personnel who are critical to the firm’s operation.


Temporary Entry for Workers


Under the terms of the USMCA, business people from the United States and Mexico will be able to temporarily access Canada for a variety of activities, including trade, investment, and the exchange of goods and services.


In addition, CUSMA removes the need for all those who may be impacted to submit an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), and it streamlines the whole application process.

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