electrician skills assessment for australia migration

Electrician Skills Assessment for Australia

Electrician Skills Assessment Crtieria

  • Have 4 years employment experience (with relevant formal training)
  • Hold NVQ Level 3 in the UK or Red Seal / Journeyman in North Amercia
  • You need to have worked as an Electrician for 12 months in the last 3 years
  • Provide all Professional qualification certificates and transcripts
  • Have Professional references

Electrician Skills Assessment

To successfully migrate to Australia as an Electrician, applicants are required to complete the mandatory Skills Assessment process prior to lodging an application for Skilled Migration.

Receiving a positive Skills Assessment is the first stage in transferring your Electrical Skills to Australia. By completing this process an applicant is awarded Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology (Australia), and is able to lodge an Expression of Interest.

This article is written by Alexander King, Head of Immigration Services at Migration Consultant LLC, and an expert in Migrating Skilled Tradespeople to Australia. It is the definitive guide to passing Skills Assessment as an Electrician.

Every Skilled Trades and Profession has it’s own Skills Assessment Authority. It is the job of the assessor to verify and validate that your ID, employment history and qualifications. The process of Skills Assessment ensures your Electrical skills are at least equal to the Australian equivalent.

The Skills Assessment stage of a Skilled Migration application is in place to ensure the integrity of the Australian Migration Program.

Electrician Skills Assessment Process

The Electrician Skills Assessment for Australia is a three stage process. The first stage is a documentary evidence review, the second stage is a technical interview and the final stage is a practical test.

On completion of the skills assessment, you gain your Offshore Technical Skills Record and skills assessment result.

The largest and most popular Skills Assessment body for Electricians is VETASSESS. In the opinion of Migration Consultant LLC, candidates using VETASSESS tend to pass first time. VETASSSESS is not a training college, and makes no money out of candidates failing the assessment by charging them to do extra courses.

While the Skills Assessment process is a mandatory part of any Skilled Migration application for an Electrician, it also serves the following purposes:

  • OTSR award which grants Level 3 qualifications in Australia
  • Unlocks employment experience points
  • Allows you to apply for suitable jobs in Australia
  • Enables you to Lodge an Expression of Interest for Skilled Migration
  • Exempts you from significant elements of A Grade Licensing in Australia
  • Apply for a Provisional Electrical License in Australia

Stage One


The first stage in the Skills Assessment process for Electricians is a documentary evidence review. The assessor will require the following documents:

  • Qualification Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • ID documentation
  • Evidence of employment
  • Tax returns
  • Company returns (if self-employed)
  • References
  • Evidence of name changes


Stage Two


The second stage is a Technical Interview. You are not required to know the Australian electrical standards although the assessor will probe your knowledge of electrical systems and ask you questions based on the nature of your own personal electrical experience. While it sounds counterintuitive, Qualified Electricians from the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and developed countries tend to enjoy these technical interviews after the event!

Stage Three


The third and final stage of the electrical Skills Assessment for Australia is a Practical Demonstration. You are required to demonstrate practical experience of:

  • Basic Electrical theory of AC and DC
  • Wiring of a switchboard with circuit breakers
  • Two way switching and power outlets and testing
  • Work Health and Safety Concepts
  • Motor control circuits
  • Simple Faults and testing
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Safe disconnect and reconnect procedures
  • Simulating a domestic installation with a few faults you need to find

Electrician Skills Assessment fees


All Australian Skills Assessment bodies charge a fee. Unfortunately, for Skilled Trades these fees are higher than for other professions, because of the Technical Interview and Practical Assessment process.

  • Stage One: Documentary Evidence AUD$1,120
  • Stage Two: Technical Interview AUD$2,000
  • Stage Three: Practical Assessment AUD$2,200


Skills Assessment and Migration Help


Migration Consultant LLC specializes in Emigrating Electricians to Australia. We take responsibility for your successful Skills Assessment, and only work with electricians who we are confident will be able to pass the process. We can work as fast as you can get us the documentation

Most of your evidence gathering for your Electrician skills assessment is also required for your Australia visa application. The Skills Assessment process is the most difficult stage of your Australia visa application.

What is an OTSR?

The OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) is the award that is issued to electricians after completing the Skills Assessment process. It is a mandatory stage in the Australian Immigration process. Holders of an OTSR are able to apply for a Provisional Electrical License in Australia so they can start work immediately, and work towards their A Grade License.

Does an OTSR expire?

The OTSR does not expire, but for the purposes of migration it will expire 3 years after the date of issue.

How do I get an A Grade Electricial License for Australia?

If you have successfully completed skills assessment conducted you will be issued an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR).

The OTSR holder must still complete Australian context gap training and a period of supervised employment in the specific trade in order to be awarded the Australian VET qualification for that occupation.

Overseas trained electricians who hold an OTSR are eligible to apply for a provisional license. A provisional license allows the holder to perform work as an electrician in Australia while completing the Australian context gap training. A provisional license can be obtained on application from Australian state and territory electrical licensing regulators.

Each State and Territory has different requirements in relation to Australian context gap training for electricians.

A provisional license allows Internationally qualified Electricians to work lawfully in the industry whilst they gain the required practical experience. A provisional electrical license is only issued for one year and cannot be renewed and it usually takes 3 months to complete the Australian Context GAP Training.

Under the Program, the holder of a provisional license certificate must:

  • work under the supervision of a current holder
  • undertake gap training towards the full A Grade license

Where are the Electrician Skills AssessmentTechnical Interviews held?

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Gold Coast
  • Perth
  • Brisbane
  • Shanghai
  • Suva
  • Johannesburg
  • Dubai
  • Ho Chi Minh City

Where are the Electrician Skills Assessment Practical Assessments held?

  • London
  • Burnley
  • Cape Town
  • Bendigo
  • Melbourne

How long does the Accountant Skills Assessment process take?

The Skills Assessment process for Electricians takes 12 weeks for documentary evidence review, and a further 3 months for stages two and three to be completed.

Do I need NVQ / SVQ Level 3

To be eligible for an Electrician skills assessment Australia, you are required to have NVQ 3, and 4 years of paid work experience. If you have had no formal training and/or no qualifications, then you must be able to prove at least 6 years of paid work experience as an Electrician. Migration Consultant LLC only work with Electricians who hold at least NVQ or SVQ Level 3, or Red Seal in North America and South Africa.

Why is Skills Assessment required for Electricians moving to Australia?

A skills assessment is required for Electricians migrating to Australia so they can apply for a visa to work in Australia as an Electrician. The Electrical skills assessment is the way Australian Immigration can confirm that you have the relevant Electrical skills to match the Australian guidelines.

Even if you don’t require the Electrician skills assessment for the purposes of a visa, you will need it to become a registered Electrician in Australia as you require the OTSR to obtain your registration which is a mandatory requirement to work as an electrician in Australia.

Will having a Skills Assessment help me get a job as an Electrician in Australia?

Electricians moving to Australia are required to have a positive Skills Assessment (OTSR) to be eligible to work in Australia.

Upon completion of your Australian Electrical skills assessment you will receive your OTSR (Off-Shore Technical Skills Record). You take this to any Australian Electrical State Regulator to receive your Electrical provisional registration.

Migration Consultant LLC recently acquired Top Jobs in Australia, which means that our clients have access to advertised and unadvertised electrician jobs for foreigners, and a dedicated skilled trades recruitment team after completing the Skills Assessment process.

Do I need an English Test for an Electricians Skills Assessment?

An English test is not required for the Electricians Skills Assessment for Australia. However, taking an approved test will give you extra Migration Points.

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