Four Easiest Provinces to Get PR to Canada in 2024

Four Easiest Provinces to Get PR to Canada in 2024

In 2024, the easiest way to gain permanent residency in Canada is through the provincial nominee programs.

One of the most often-asked questions is what is the easiest province to get PR in Canada? If you have no connections to the Great White North, you may be considering your options when it comes to the provinces you choose for PR.

Canada has a number of nominee programs available to apply through. Each program has its own eligibility requirements that make it unique to the applicant.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) gives each Canadian province the opportunity to address their own needs through immigration. PNPs enable a province to fill the holes in its labor force. These programs will identify candidates with work experience in occupations that need workers.

Some programs allow you to apply for nomination even if you do not have work experience, a job offer, or education. These programs invite individuals to apply due to the needs of the labor market and the region in which they are located.

When it comes to gaining PR in Canada, there are four provinces that are considered “easy” for overseas applicants.



Saskatchewan is situated in Canada’s prairie region. The province is roughly located in the middle of Canada and is just before you reach the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Saskatchewan is a popular location for immigrants due to its job opportunities.

Saskatchewan offers the International Skilled Worker PNP, which is designed to recruit individuals with experience in in-demand occupations. Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker PNP hand-selects individuals using the Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

You must have a minimum of one year of experience to apply for the EOI system. You will also need a post-secondary educational qualification of at least one year. You must be able to speak English or French.

Nova Scotia


Situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Canada, Nova Scotia offers residents a low cost of living. The region provides residents with an easy-going lifestyle and the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Nova Scotia’s beauty makes it a popular destination for many immigrants seeking PR in Canada.

Nova Scotia offers the Labor Market Priorities PNP. The program directly selects candidates from the Express Entry system. The system typically invites candidates who do not have a connection to Nova Scotia. Therefore, many people believe the Labor Market Priorities program to be one of the easiest ways to gain PR.

If you want to seek PR through the Labor Market Priorities program, you needed to have an active Express Entry profile. You will also need to indicate your interest in Nova Scotia. The province doesn’t post the criteria or occupations it targets ahead of its intake rounds.

Traditionally, Nova Scotia was not known as a great place for work. The province has changed in recent years. There is a skills shortage in Nova Scotia and immigration is being used to fill the needs of the province. Companies are now eager to hire skilled immigrant workers to improve Nova Scotia’s labor force.



Alberta is located in western Canada and is home to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The province has two major cities that attract immigrants from all over the globe. Calgary and Edmonton provide plenty of work opportunities to people from different sectors. The job market is growing in both cities, but they are not Alberta’s only thriving cities. Alberta is also renowned for its education system which immigrants with PR can take advantage of with their families.

Candidates can gain PR through the Alberta Express Entry system. The system selects individuals from Canada’s federal Express Entry pathway. One benefit to candidates is that the pathway considers individuals with a CRS score as low as 300. This allows more candidates in the pool to have a chance of obtaining Notification of Interest from Alberta.

Alberta does not have a specific occupation or job list for candidates to observe. Skilled workers and young professionals from different backgrounds can apply for the program and officials will invite the individuals they believe most fits the labor force.




Most new immigrants to Canada head for Ontario. Ontario is home to Canada’s largest city, Toronto, and a major player in the country’s economy. The province offers a number of employment chances to new immigrants. If you want to work in media, tech, or banking, then Ontario is the best place to base your life in Canada. Ontario always needs new immigrants to fill its ever-growing job market. Due to needing fresh workers, there are PNP streams you can explore.

Ontario has one of the highest quotas of all Canadian provinces when it comes to immigration. Despite having a high quota for immigration, Ontario is always recruiting for more individuals to join the labor force. Ontario, like many of the other Canadian provinces, faces a labor shortage. Due to this shortage, it is hoped that a total of 18,000 new individuals through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will be invited to the country.

For Individuals living outside of Canada, the Human Capital Priorities pathway is the perfect option to gain PR in Ontario. The pathway prioritizes skilled workers that can fill skilled employment openings in Ontario.

The Human Capital Priorities pathway operates through Canada’s Federal Express Entry system. Individuals must have an active Express Entry profile and a CRS score of 400 points or more. Ontario immigration officials searches through all Express Entry profiles. They invite specific profiles to apply to the program. Officials usual invite candidates based on a specific CRS range and NOC codes.

In 2023, the province invited thousands of candidates to apply for immigration under the Human Capital Priorities pathway. Nearly half of the invited candidates were invited under the program’s tech draw. Ontario is ideal for anyone working in or seeking a career in tech. You will be able to carve out a career in the province and enjoy a great standard of life.

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