Tips for Migrating to Australia

If you’re looking to Emigrate to Australia then these migration tips and checklist will help you plan all the steps you need to take

Tips for Migrating to Australia

Things to Remember When Planning a Move to Australia


Australia is a land of opportunity to expats seeking change. After emigrating to Australia you will find a vast country with ample employment opportunities to qualified, skilled workers seeking an alternative path to the one they current enjoy. Australia is always looking for individuals from abroad to fill employment vacancies.

The country is extremely diverse when it comes to weather, landscapes, people, and Aussie culture. You may choose to live in Sydney or Melbourne, two of Australia’s biggest cities.

Before you embark on a new life in Australia, there are some essential things you should know. A little information can go a long way when moving abroad, so consider these items before heading to a land Down Under.

Prepare for all Seasons


A common misconception about Australia is that the weather is always warm and sunny.


While you can go to the beach year-round in some Aussie towns and cities, it isn’t always possible.


The further south you go the cooler the weather gets and the more diverse the seasons become.


Places such as Thredbo, Perisher, and Mount Buller all get snow.


These are popular skiing areas, so if you fancy cutting up some fresh powder you can choose to live near or travel to these regions.


Be cautious of too much sun

Australia receives a lot of sunlight and summer temperatures can be high.
Heatwaves across Australia have become more common in recent years.
One of the reasons the sun is so bright in Australia is due to a thin layer of the ozone being directly over it.
You should wear a hat and shirt on sunny days. In addition, lather up generously with sunblock.

Australia healthcare is excellent


Australia ranks as having the eighth best healthcare system in the world, according to US News.
Australia’s healthcare system is excellent and provides first-class service to residents.
Permanent residents of Australia are entitled to receive medical care under the country’s program known as Medicare.
The Aussie government also allows United Kingdom and New Zealand residence on temporary visits to access Medicare due to agreements between the countries.

Travel outside the cities


When planning a move to Australia remember that Australia’s major cities are dotted around the coast.
The country is far more than its major cities, however. You can find some amazing places to visit and live Down Under by getting out of the big cities.
Ninety percent of all Australians live in cities of various sizes. Australia is home to tourist attractions outside of the major cities that shouldn’t be overlooked such as Uluru, Tasmania, and more than 500 national parks.
One of the best aspects of Australia is that it is an outdoor lover’s dream, so don’t miss out on hiking, skiing, mountain biking or camping.

Australians are Social People


Australians are social people and love to get together for a barbecue. There is a good chance that your co-workers or friends will invite you to enjoy a great outdoor barbecue experience with some great grilled meat and cold beers.

You may find it strange, but parks around Australia are dotted with barbecue grills.


Australia’s barbecue culture is alive and well, and locals love to eat their grilled meat. Although more Aussies have turned to vegetarianism and veganism, there is still a strong contingent that stick to eating copious amounts of meat.


Respect the workers


You are probably relocating to Australia for a new job. The good news for you, besides Australia needing highly skilled and highly educated employees, is that the country respects its workers. Australia was one of the original countries to make a 40-hour work week compulsory.


In addition, Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world. In 2024, Australia pays a minimum wage of $19.84 per hour or $753.80 per week.


That is the equivalent of $15.12 an hour in the United States. Taxes on low-income earners are not as high as in other countries that like to tax individuals with lower salaries on a similar scale as high-earners.


Beer is life Down Under


Aussies love their beer. Different regions have different favorites and with the rise of craft breweries, you will be spoiled for choose – just don’t order a Victoria Bitter in New South Wales. When ordering a beer, you will be spoiled for size options. You can choose from:


  • Pot (285ml)
  • Schooner (450ml)
  • Pint (570ml)
  • Jug (1140ml)

There are also variations on the sizes depending on where you live and travel in Australia.


  • Horses (140ml)
  • Ponies (140ml)
  • Butchers (200ml)
  • Sevens (200ml)
  • Middies (285ml)
  • Schmiddies (350ml)
  • Fifteens (425ml)

Aussies are sports fanatics


Sports are everywhere in Australia. It helps that the country enjoys great weather year-round allowing everyone to get outside to play rugby, Aussie rules football, cricket, and soccer.


Those may be popular sports, but they are not the only ones.


You can find baseball, basketball, swimming, golf, tennis, and other popular sports from around the globe played in Oz.


Australia is home to a number of major sports leagues include the AFL, NRL, Big Bash, and the A-League. There is also the women’s soccer W-League.


Every January you can catch the Australian Open tennis tournament, one of the sport’s Grand Slams.


Buy local


Australians are passionate about their own country and feel plenty of patriotism. Their patriotism shows in the support of local businesses. How passionate are Aussies about local business?


Starbucks shut down 70% of its locations in Australia due to competition being too high from locally owned coffee shops.


Part of the reason for supporting local coffee shops comes from a love of the beverage. However, Aussies want to help each other and improve the country by buying from local businesses rather than multinational corporations.

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