Kangaroos, Koalas, and Kids Making the Move to Australia as a Family

Kangaroos, Koalas, and Kids: Making the Move to Australia as a Family

Tips for Families Moving Australia

•    Use documentaries to familiarize kids with Australia.
•    Once there, get them involved in local clubs and activities to ease the transition.
•    Australia boasts diverse schooling options. It’s vital to choose the right fit.
•    Digital apps help them stay connected to friends back home.
•    Cities like Sydney or Melbourne are kid-friendly with strong expat communities.
•    Coastal areas offer great outdoor activities for children.
•    Families need the right visa. It’s essential for ensuring a smooth transition for kids.

Moving to Australia as a Family

Relocating your family to Australia can be stressful. Not only are you moving to a new house, but you are also relocating to a new continent, potentially thousands of kilometres away.

Australia is on the other side of the world. While modern amenities like the Internet and mobile phones make it possible to stay in touch with friends and family, you may be moving far away from your ancestral home.

Fortunately, moving to Australia doesn’t have to be a frightening experience for your family. Aus offers a fantastic life for families of all sizes. If you want to relocate to the Land Down Under, then there are plenty of things to consider before starting the emigration process.


Emigrating to Australia doesn’t happen overnight. The process can take some time, so it is important to have patience throughout the procedure. You will need to apply for the correct visa to gain access to live and work in Australia. You will also need to apply for your family to live in Aus before they can make the move down under.

There are different visa options to apply for, including the Skilled Work Regional visa, Remaining Relative visa, Partner visa, or Parent visa. These options can help families relocate to Australia together to make the most of life down under.


You will find strong expat communities in Australia’s largest cities. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, the Sunshine Coast, and Canberra are popular cities to relocate to, and each has a thriving expat community.

Of the major cities, Sydney may offer you the most comfortable lifestyle, with its melting pot of cultures. There are entertainment options around every corner.

Melbourne is the natural rival to Sydney, and it provides expats with a fantastic lifestyle, just like Sydney.

Melbourne is popular with sports fanatics, but it is also a great option for foodies. The city is home to several top education institutes, including the University of Melbourne, Monash, and La Trobe
An incredible 95% of Australia is uninhabited.

This is due to the harsh, dry outback. Many people live on the coast. The coastal cities typically have comfortable climates, and it is possible to visit the beach on warm days.

Australia is well-known for its outdoors, and Aussies love to be outside playing sports, enjoying the beach, and doing physical activity.

Picking the right location will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors down under.


Finding the ideal school for your kids is likely a top priority before moving down under. Australia offers a variety of educational opportunities to families. The country has a diverse culture, and the schools reflect this diversity.

You can select from private schools, faith-based schools, schools that subscribe to educational philosophies, and public or state schools. The range of schools allows for a variety of families to move to Australia.

Families who emigrate to Australia must enrol their children into school. This is part of the agreement you make when relocating and obtaining the right to live there.

The country’s public school system ensures every school-aged child has a place in their local school. This includes newly arrived children from abroad.

Public schools in Australia have a catchment or district zone like schools in the United Kingdom or the USA.

New South Wales offers students a selective high school program. Students must obtain a minimum score on the NSW Selective High School Placement test. Although it is often believed that private schools offer the best schooling for children, statistics often prove public schools produce higher-achieving students.

Preparing the kids for the move to Australia

While you may be raring to relocate to Australia for a new job and lifestyle, your kids may not be as thrilled. Understandably, kids may not be eager to leave their schools, friends, and family behind.

There are a few ways to prepare your kids for the move and grow their excitement.

Sure, there will be difficult days before, during, and after the move. But if you can ease the experience, your kids will adapt to their new life more quickly.

One way to prepare for the move is to watch travel documentaries about Australia. This is a great way to introduce your kids to the sights, sounds, and sun. Your kids may know about kangaroos and koalas, but they may not know about the beaches, mountains, and attractions across Australia.

Documentaries and travel books will introduce your kids to the weather, cuisine, and culture of the country.

In the build-up to relocating, you should make plans to see friends and family before leaving.

You may even want to plan a big party to give your kids the chance to say goodbye to their close friends.

Once arriving in Australia, you should set time aside to let your children phone, video chat, and text their friends until they feel comfortable in their new setting.

Worries about them integrating 

You are bound to worry about your kids integrating into life in Australia. It may be difficult, especially if your kids went to the same school with the same friends their entire lives.

One of the best ways to integrate into life down under is to get your kids involved with the various activities on offer.

Australia is an extremely sporty country. There are sports clubs everywhere from soccer to Aussie Rules Football to rugby to cricket. If your kids love sports, then get them involved early.

Schools also promote different clubs, allowing kids to get involved in art, drama, and more.

You may even join a church or community group to get to know local Aussies. Expat groups are also available to join. This will give you the chance to meet other expats who relocated to Australia.


Setting them up for a new life in Australia


Australia offers families a great lifestyle. There are many opportunities for children, including sports, healthcare, and education. Kids can also develop as individuals.

Before moving down under, it is important to make your kids feel like an important part of the immigration process. You shouldn’t make all the decisions on your own. This could alienate your kids and make them not want to move. Keeping them in the loop at every stage can help them transition into the new life Australia offers.

Relocating to Australia can be a daunting task for families. While parents may be excited about the prospects of a new job and lifestyle, kids may not be as enthusiastic. It may take time but involving them in the process will get your kids onside and ready for what lies ahead.

Moving to Australia with Family FAQs

What are the primary considerations for families moving to Australia?
Key considerations include visa requirements, schooling options, cost of living, and familiarizing kids with the cultural shift.

How do I choose the right visa for my family’s move to Australia?
There are several visa types like the Skilled Work Regional, Partner, and Parent visa. It’s essential to consult with an immigration expert to determine the best fit.

What are the best cities in Australia for families?
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide are top cities known for their family-friendly neighborhoods, schools, and amenities.

How does the Australian education system compare internationally?
Australia’s education system is renowned worldwide, offering a mix of public, private, and international schools that adhere to high academic standards.

How can I prepare my kids for the move to Australia?
Engage kids with Australian culture through documentaries, books, and discussions. Also, involve them in the moving process for a smoother transition.

Is healthcare in Australia family-friendly?
Australia boasts a robust healthcare system with both public and private facilities, ensuring comprehensive care for families.

Are there community support groups for expat families in Australia?
Yes, major cities host vibrant expat communities, offering support groups and events to help families integrate.

What outdoor activities can families enjoy in Australia?
Families can indulge in beach outings, hiking, wildlife spotting, and exploring national parks, among other activities.

How does the cost of living in Australia compare for families?
While some cities can be pricey, overall, the cost of living is balanced by the high quality of life and amenities available.

Is Australia safe for raising children?
Australia is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries, with low crime rates and a strong emphasis on community well-being.

How is the climate in Australia for families?
Australia offers diverse climates, from tropical in the north to temperate in the south, making it suitable for various family preferences.

Are there ample job opportunities for parents in Australia?
Yes, Australia has a robust job market in sectors like IT, healthcare, finance, and education, ensuring opportunities for expat parents.

How can families maintain connections with their home country?
With modern communication tools and a strong expat community, families can easily stay connected to their roots.

What are the driving regulations for expats in Australia?
Expats can drive with an international license for a limited period before needing to obtain an Australian driving license.

Are there any cultural nuances families should be aware of?
Australians value friendliness, outdoor activities, and sports. It’s beneficial for families to familiarize themselves with local customs and festivals.

How diverse and inclusive is Australia for expat families?
Australia is a multicultural society with people from various backgrounds, ensuring a welcoming environment for expat families.

What housing options are available for families in Australia?
From suburban homes to city apartments, Australia offers a range of housing options suitable for family needs.

How can kids participate in sports and extracurricular activities?
Schools and local communities offer a plethora of sports clubs, arts programs, and other extracurriculars for kids to engage in.

Are there specific vaccination requirements for kids moving to Australia?
Australia has certain vaccination guidelines. It’s advisable to consult with an immigration health expert before the move.

Can families bring pets when moving to Australia?
Yes, but there are strict quarantine and vaccination rules. It’s crucial to research and prepare in advance to ensure a smooth relocation for pets.

Our Clients

The Thompson Family’s Seamless Relocation from the UK to Noosa, Australia with Migration Consultant LLC


The Thompson family, originally from the UK, with four children aged 6, 10, 14, and 17. Despite their excitement about the move to Australia, they were fraught with concerns ranging from visa processes, suitable housing, and educational transitions for their children.


Visa complexities: With a family of six, understanding the right visa type was crucial.
Schooling: Finding reputable private schools that catered to the varied needs of all four children was a priority.

Cultural adjustment

Ensuring the children would transition smoothly into the Australian way of life, especially in terms of friendships and activities.


Moving a family across continents is no small feat, with innumerable details needing attention.

Migration Consultant LLC’s Solution

Customized Visa Consultation

The agency provided step-by-step guidance on the visa application process, ensuring every family member was correctly accounted for.
Education Insights: After extensive research and leveraging local connections, Migration Consultant LLC introduced the Thompsons to two of Noosa’s top private schools. The older kids, aged 14 and 17, were enrolled in a high school renowned for its academic excellence and comprehensive extracurricular programs. The younger ones, aged 6 and 10, joined a school with a strong emphasis on creative learning and community involvement.

Cultural Transition

The agency provided resources, from local community groups to children’s sports clubs, ensuring the Thompson children had a head start in integrating into their new community.

Logistical Support

Beyond visa and school applications, the agency helped with housing recommendations and banking transitions.

The New Life in Noosa

Living in Noosa, the Thompsons quickly adapted to the Australian beach lifestyle. Weekends saw them at the pristine beaches, with family surf lessons becoming a Sunday tradition. Their residence, a stone’s throw away from the ocean, provided them with the serenity and community feel they had hoped for.

The Thompson children immersed themselves not only in academics but also in the sports culture of Australia. The eldest joined the school’s rugby team, the 14-year-old opted for netball, while the younger ones took to swimming, inspired by Noosa’s clear waters. Their schools, with their emphasis on holistic development, ensured they always had activities to participate in and new skills to learn.

For the Thompsons, family time was paramount. Beyond the beaches, they explored Noosa’s national parks, went on weekend camping trips, and indulged in the local seafood delicacies. The initial apprehensions about their move seemed like a distant memory.


Migration Consultant LLC transformed a daunting intercontinental move into a seamless transition for the Thompson family. Today, the Thompsons are not just residents of Noosa; they are an active part of the community, testifying to the comprehensive and thoughtful support they received during their relocation journey.

Migration Consultant Alexander King
Migration Consultant at Migration Consultant LLC | Website

Alexander King is a leading authority in the field of migration, holding a prominent role as a Head of Compliance at Migration Consultant LLC (https://migrationconsultant.com). With years of expertise under his belt, King has guided countless individuals and families on their journey to immigrating to Australia and Canada, shaping countless lives with his professional advice and in-depth knowledge of immigration law and procedures.

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