Navigating Skill Select

Navigating Skill Select

Navigating Skill Select

What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect is an Australian immigration platform that administers the Expression of Interest (EOI) points based Immigration system. SkillSelect also connects skilled international workers with Australian employers.

The system operates through an online platform that brings together workers and employers based on skills and needs. Employers can check an employee’s profile, nominate a foreign worker to apply for a visa and answer questions about his background, skills, education, experience and work experience.

The SkillSelect platform comprises eight categories of skilled worker visas, and for each of these categories, specific selection skills are required. Each category of skilled worker visa is subject to the same eligibility criteria as the other visa categories, such as age, gender, education and qualifications.

How SkillSelect Works

        1. Applicants are asked to create an account
        2. They are invited to st up security questions
        3. Applicants must enter their passport details and current address
        4. Questions are asked about Family members
        5. Applicants are required to pick an occupation code
        6. Further questions are asked on the occupation code
        7. Applicants are invited to enter their Skill Assessment reference number
        8. In most cases this Skill Assessment number can be accessed directly by SkillSelect
        9. Applicant answers questions on their work history
        10. Applicant is invited to tick what States they are interested in
        11. Applicant is asked questions on their English ability
        12. There is space to enter an IELTS test result code
        13. Applicant is asked about family members
        14. SkillSelect calculates an applicants points
        15. SkillSelect informs applicant about what visas they may lodge an EOI for
        16. After submitting the EOI SkillSelect emails a reference number for future login
        17. Applicants can update their EOI in SkillSelect at any time by logging in
        18. Periodic emails are sent by SkillSelect including any changes to an applicants point score
        19. If an applicant goes over 45 years of age SkillSelect will remove the application
        20. SkillSelect automatically removes applications over 2-years old
        21. An applicant can lodge more than one SkillSelect EOI

Once in the system, applicants can be invited by an Australian employer or state or territory government to apply for a 190 visa. No nomination or sponsorship process is required for the 189 visa.

SkillSelect Login

What is the SkillSelect Login?

The SkillSelect login can be found on the SkillSelect Portal. Upon every login applicants are reminded that this is an Official Australian Government portal.

Any information given to SkillSelect is not subject to any Privacy Policy and the Dept. of Immigration reserves the right to use all means at their disposal to conduct background check son an applicant or prospective applicant including a review of their social media accounts.

Applicants must tick a box that states: I understand this EOI ID has been issued to me personally and I will be held accountable for any activity undertaken or information provided using this EOI ID.

They must also tick a check box that states: I understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence and I may be prosecuted under section 137.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 if I provide false or misleading information.

The Official Login for SkillSelect can be found here.

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