Significant Investor Visa

Significant Investor Visa for Australia

Significant Investor Visa

Australia Citizenship by Investment



The Significant Investor Visa in Australia gives Permanent Residency and Citizenship for a one-time investment of $5 million AUD.


7,000 visas are issued each year for the business investment program and this will rise over the next decade.


Australia’s Significant Investor Visa program is the best of its kind in the World as it gives holders the option to apply for full dual Citizenship of one of the most desirable countries in the World.


Significant Investor Visa


The Australian Significant Investor Visa (Australia Golden Visa) gives a fast track pathway to Australian Citizenship for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to through investment.


Significant Investor Visa Key Facts


  • Investment of A$5m
  • No age limit
  • Option to bypass English requirement
  • Minimum stay just 40 days in 5 years
  • Permanent Residence (PR) after 4 years
  • No country quota
  • No investment needed until after pre approval
  • After 4 years the applicant and family can transition from Temporary Residence (TR Subclass 188) to Permanent Residence (PR Subclass 888).


Investment Criteria for the Australian Significant Investor Visa


  • Maximum 60%: In non-residential real estate, corporate bonds and shares.
  • Minimum 10%: Venture Capital


Advantages of Significant Investor Visa


  • Ability to work, live or study in Australia
  • High standard education and healthcare system
  • Ability to bring eligible dependents:
  • Spouse or de facto partner
  • Dependent children under 23
  • No English language test
  • No points test
  • No upper age limits
  • Pathway to Citizenship
  • Dual nationality and a second passport as an Australian Citizen


Investment Options for the Australia Investor Visa


Make a complying significant investment of the following:


  • AUD 500,000 in venture capital and growth private equity funds
  • AUD 1.5 million in approved managed funds
  • A ‘balancing investment’ of at least AUD 3 million in managed funds that may invest in a range of assets
  • If the investment is withdrawn it must be re-invested into another complying investment within 30 days
  • Investments of AUD 5 million must be made into complying investments for a minimum of 4 years


Threshold criteria for the Australia Investor Visa


  • The applicant must prove that the assets have been lawfully acquired
  • The applicant must meet Australian health and character requirements
  • Physical residence of a minimum of 160 days over 4 years


Apply for a Significant Investor Visa Australia


  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via “Skill Select” to be nominated by an Australian State
  • Upon receiving a nomination submit a formal visa application within 60 days
  • Make the investment
  • Upon making the complying investment, the temporary visa will be issued
  • The investment must be valued at $5million AUD at date of visa issue. If the investment rises or falls in value after this date it has no impact on the visa.


Timeframe to apply for Australia Citizenship by Investment


12-24 months


Private Banking Arrangements for the Significant Investor Visa


Westpac Private Bank provides a total banking solution for high net worth clients delivered with a high level of service and personal attention from Australia’s leading private banking team.


The Significant Investor Flexible Account


The Flexible Investment Account is Westpacs Private Banking solution for investor visa applicants and provides:


  • A relationship management service with dedicated, multi-lingual Private Bankers
  • Comprehensive range of banking and wealth services.
  • Experienced team who understand the visa application process.
  • Dedicated investment specialist who provides updates and information on investment opportunities.
  • An account which can be used to invest in a wide range of complying investments.
  • Unique investment solutions to choose from which have been extensively reviewed by investment experts.
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