Whats Involved in Moving to Australia

Whats Involved in Moving to Australia

How to Move to Australia


Anyone seeking to move to Australia to live and work must obtain a visa allowing them to do so. Only individuals from New Zealand are allowed to move to Australia and work without a visa.

If you are one of the millions of individuals from other parts of the world interested in moving Down Under, then you will need to follow the necessary ruled to obtain a visa to legally move to Australia.

Not only does Australia offer expats a lot of incentives when it comes work, healthcare, and education, but the quality of life is incredibly high. Australia’s combination of great major cities and incredible natural surroundings offer individuals the chance to explore nature at their doorsteps.

Moving to Australia is not always straight forward, at least, not in all cases. Individuals that have been offered jobs already and/or a contract to work in Australia, can find the relocation process to be simpler than those who don’t.

The good news for individuals dreaming of living and working in Australia is that there is a shortage of skilled workers Down Under. If you can take your work skills to Australia and build a business to employ locals at, then your chances of gaining a visa increase.

Visas and Work Permits to Live and Work in Australia


Australia offers different visa types for professionals interested in Moving to Australia to work and live. Individuals needs to determine which visa is ideal for them. You can apply for the visa that applies to your situation and employment area.

The main Skilled Migration visa types for Australia are:
  • 189
  • 190
  • 491


Australia GSM Points Based Visas take into account factors such as:
  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Occupation
  • Employment
  • English ability


Key criteria for General Skilled Migration
      1. Secure a positive Skill Assessment
      2. Be aged under 45
      3. Be of good character
      4. Be in good health


One of the main areas that impacts your visa application centers around the level of English needed to successfully be granted entry. Applicants must show a competent level of English language speaking, listening, writing, and reading to obtain a visa.

You must also meet a certain level of health and personal character requirements. In addition, you must work in a profession that is in demand in Australia.

Individuals seeking permanent residency in Australia can gain a Business Talent visa at a cost of $7,000 AUD, or $5,100 USD. However, to gain this permit residency permit, you must be an investor or business owner and hold a specified amount of funds. By owning a business and employing local Australians, you can gain a permit to live Down Under.

Finding Employment in Australia


Highly skilled workers should find an abundance of jobs available in Australia. The country often seeks individuals with highly regarded work skills interested in moving to Australia. One of the most sought-after employment areas in Australia is the IT industry.

In addition to an IT industry worker shortage, Australia also lacks tradesman working in the blue-collar sector. Electricians, plumbers and construction workers are in short supply. Expats with the funds to begin their own businesses could consider starting a company in one of these trades to gain a work permit.

If you plan on moving to Australia to live and work, you will need to gain employment before actually moving Down Under. The country’s business culture is very similar to the United Kingdom and United States. This should give individuals an idea of what to expect when applying for employment.

The Aussie government has implemented tax laws to aid workers. These tax laws also help self-employed individuals and SMEs. You will pay more tax depending on your earnings due to Australia’s progressive tax laws.

Australian Income Tax
Income thresholdsRateTax payable on this income
$0 – $18,2000%Nil
$18,201 – $45,00019%19c for each $1 over $18,200
$45,001 – $120,00032.5%$5,092 plus 32.5c for each $1 over $45,000
$120,001 – $180,00037%$29,467 plus 37c for each $1 over $120,000
$180,001 and over45%$51,667 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000

Moving to Australia and Buying a House


Individuals may find the Australian housing market difficult to crack depending on where you live. The housing market is competitive Down Under. Making the market even more difficult to break into is Australia’s 100-point check system.

The Australian government enacted the 100-point check system and it is used by many estate agents, landlords and other groups that let and/or sell properties. If you want to rent a property in Australia, you must meet the 100-point criteria as many landlords adhere to the policy. It is important to get to know Australia’s unique property renting and buying laws before entering the visa application process.

It is becoming increasingly popular for families and individuals to take an extended stay in what is called ‘;serviced accommodation’. This is basically a short, medium or long term property that can be paid monthly, although is on a holiday contract basis as opposed to a full tenancy agreement.

Many properties in Australia are available ton AirBnb although when staying for longer it is recommended to use a site like Book Direct and Save, which saves a considerable amount of money in the medium to long term for the same accommodation.


Healthcare in Australia

Australia’s national healthcare system is called Medicare. Health insurance is an important aspect of Moving to Australia, and unlike in countries such as the United States, healthcare is mandatory. The unique aspect of Australia’s Medicare system is that it is a combination of public and private healthcare systems.

Over half of the population of Australia also buy private health insurance. The Medicare program does not cover all medical needs which means that individuals need private care to cover the items not addressed by Medicare.

Children who move to Australia will receive identical visa status as their parents. If a couple give birth to a child while living in Australia, the newborn will automatically gain Australian citizenship.


Education in Australia


If you are moving to Australia with your family to Australia, you will be able to find an ample number of private and public schools on offer. Australia also provides international schools for students coming from non-English speaking countries.

Students can study the International Baccalaureate, British, or American school curriculum while in Australia. These can be studied in German, French and Japanese speaking schools. It should be noted that education opportunities are based on the city or town you reside in.

The Australian school system includes primary, secondary and higher education. Students must attend both primary and secondary school with higher education being optional.

Australia is an amazing country that offers exciting opportunities for skilled workers. Gaining a visa to live and work in Australia is the chance of a lifetime. If living in a beautiful country complete with amazing wildlife, natural scenery and job opportunities is important to you, then Australia is the ideal place to move.

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