Understanding Skills Assessment for Australian Migration

Understanding Skills Assessment

Skilled Migration is a popular way for individuals with particular skills to migrate to Australia permanently. This program is designed to attract skilled workers to the country to fill gaps in the Australian labor market. As part of the application process applicants must undergo a skills assessment to ensure they meet the necessary requirements for their nominated occupation.

A skills assessment is how Australian Immigration decides you’re a ‘skilled person’ for visa purposes. It identifies what skilled occupations Australia requires, and then sets a standard for those applying.


What is a skills assessment?


A skills assessment is a process that evaluates an individual’s qualifications, skills and work experience to determine if they meet the standards required for their nominated occupation in Australia.

It is a check conducted by a third party body that’s tied to immigration. It is the job of the skills assessment authority to confirm (with evidence) that you are you say you are, and that you have the right skills, qualifications and experience in your role so that you are equivalent to an Australian worker in the same occupation.

The skills assessment process is a crucial part of the Skilled Migration application process as it helps to ensure that only qualified individuals are granted permanent residency in Australia.

Different assessing authorities are responsible for conducting skills assessments for different occupations because the skill assessment authorities in Australia are usually industry bodies.


Why is a skills assessment necessary?


The skills assessment process is necessary to ensure that the individual possesses the required skills, qualifications and experience to work in their nominated occupation in Australia.

This process helps to protect the interests of Australian employers and ensures that they only hire qualified individuals who can meet their workforce needs. A skill assessment helps to maintain the integrity of the Australian migration system by ensuring that only qualified individuals are granted permanent residency.


Who conducts the skill assessment?


Skills assessments are conducted by designated assessing authorities for each occupation. These authorities are responsible for assessing the qualifications, skills and experience of the applicants to determine if they meet the standards required for their nominated occupation in Australia.


How does the process work?


Your occupation determines how your skills are assessed, and who to apply to. Some skills assessments will issue ‘deeming dates’ on their outcome letters. Therefore, failure to provide the correct documents will dramatically reduce the work experience you can claim later in the visa process. This is often the difference of securing a visa and not.

Professional occupations are document-based assessments. This includes a review of your qualifications, ID documents and an application form. Some assessing bodies require evidence of English language ability too. For example, nurses and teachers.

Trade occupations are assessed in 2-3 parts. This includes a document assessment, technical interview and practical interview.

After completing the skills assessment process, the assessing authority will issue the applicant with an outcome letter. This letter indicates whether the applicant’s qualifications and skills meet the requirements for their nominated occupation in Australia.

If the outcome is positive, the applicant can proceed to the next step of the Skilled Migration process and submit an Expression of Interest. If the outcome is negative, the applicant can apply for a review of the assessment decision.

The skills assessment process is a critical component of the Skilled Migration program in Australia. It helps to ensure that only qualified individuals are granted permanent residency. It is proof you have the relevant skills for a visa to live and work in Australia.

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