Getting Connected to Utilities

Getting Connected to Utilities

Get connected to utilities after you move to Australia


Research Providers: Compare utility providers (electricity, gas, water, internet) for competitive rates and packages in your area.

Electricity and Gas: Contact providers before you move to set up accounts; some regions offer choice, others have set providers

Water: Managed by a single provider in each region; setup is often handled by the property owner or real estate agent

Internet and Mobile: Wide range of ISPs and mobile networks; consider bundles for better deals

Billing Setup: Opt for direct debit or online billing for convenience; understand billing cycles and payment methods

Setting up Utilities in Australia


Emigrating to Australia is an exciting process, once your Australian visas are granted its often a time for intense celebration followed by the realization that you’re moving your entire life to the other side of the world with no idea where or how to start.

Moving to Australia requires a lot of organisation and some of this organisation is exciting; other aspects not so yet equally important. Setting up utilities in Australia being a case in point.

When you’re having your utilities connected, it is important that you have the following information handy:

• the address of your home
• the date you want your service connected
• your personal details such as your contact number and identification papers

What options are available to connect utilities?


1) You can have utilities connected to your new home by researching different service providers:

• Sydney Water
• Origin Energy
• Energy Australia

2) You can seek the help of a Specialist service provider that can do all this for you:

Some providers have the option of doing the leg-work for you. They can sometimes arrange service connections to electricity, water and gas on your behalf. All it takes is for you to call them and provide some details. Sometimes they also offer discounts and deals on certain service connections, and help you make a smoother transition to your new home.

3) Comparison sites
People can now choose their own gas or electricity provider, however, with the range of service providers, sometimes making a choice is not that easy.

There are a comparison sites to help you with your decision-making about setting up utilities in Australia (just like back home) and they also provide you with the amount that you can save for each plan.

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