Vetassess Skill Assessment for Australian Immigration

Understanding Vetassess for Australian Immigration

Vetassess Skill Assessment for Australian Immigration

Vetassess Skills Assessment


VETASSESS is a dedicated Skill Assessment authority licensed by the Australia Government to perform Immigration based Skill Assessments for Skilled Migration and Employer Sponsored Visas.


What is a VETASSESS Assessment


A Vetassess Skill Assessment is a process of validating an applicants skills, experience and qualifications.


It’s a checking process that ensures applicants have the right background for your occupation and that they will be an asset for Australian society.


Vetassess run a number of substantial background checks on individual applicants who have to prove by documented evidence that they have:


        1. the right skills
        2. the correct qualifications
        3. verifiable experience in your occupation


A successful Vetassess skill assessment enables the applicant to proceed and lodge an Expression of Interest via SkillSelect.


Vetassess validation of qualifications and experience are what the Australian Government use to calculate an applicants employment and qualification points.


Regardless of  what an applicant claims, or what they feel they are entitled to if it is not validated by a Vetassess Skill Assessment (or other Skill Assessment) then points are not awarded via the Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

VETASSESS Requirements


The 12 VETASSESS requirements


        1. Check if Vetassess is the correct Skill Assessment for your occupation
        2. Doe you need a Vetassess Trade Skill Assessment
        3. Or do you need a General Occupations assessment
        4. Vetassess Skill Assessments do not have an English requirement yet it is advisable to do one for points
        5. Vetassess requires One year of post qualification work experience for General Occupations
        6. 4 years employment (with qualification) are required for the Vetassess Trade Skill Assessment
        7. Documents do not need to be certified
        8. Make sure you have the right documents for your occupation
        9. Trades occupations also need colour scans of documents
        10. The Vetassess fee is non-refundable
        11. Never send original documents to Vetassess; These will not be returned
        12. Be patient. Priorioty assessments can take 10 days while a Trade Skill Assessment can take over 4-months

Vetassess Skill Assessment Options


The two streams of the Vetassess skill assessment process


  • Vetassess assessment for General Occupations
  • Vetassess assessment for Trades Occupations


Both streams have different requirements and criteria. If your occupation is a skilled trade then you will be in the Trades Occupations stream.


All non-trades occupations require a General Occupation assessment.


Visas that need VETASSESS


Skill Assessment is a requirement for the following Australia Visas:


  • 189 Visa
  • 190 Visa
  • 491 Visa


VETASSSESS is responsible for 55% of all Australia Skill Assessments although most professions such as Teaching, Nursing and Accountants have their own Skill Assessment bodies.


What Occupations Need a VETASSESS Assessment


VETASSESS is the Skill Assessment Authority for the following Occupations:

OccupationANZSCO CODESkill AssessmentList
construction project manager133111VETASSESSMLTSSL
automotive electrician321111VETASSESSMLTSSL
motor mechanic (general)321211VETASSESSMLTSSL
diesel motor mechanic321212VETASSESSMLTSSL
motorcycle mechanic321213VETASSESSMLTSSL
small engine mechanic321214VETASSESSMLTSSL
sheetmetal trades worker322211VETASSESSMLTSSL
metal fabricator322311VETASSESSMLTSSL
pressure welder322312VETASSESSMLTSSL
welder (first class)322313VETASSESSMLTSSL
fitter (general)323211VETASSESSMLTSSL
fitter and turner323212VETASSESSMLTSSL
metal machinist (first class)323214VETASSESSMLTSSL
carpenter and joiner331211VETASSESSMLTSSL
painting trades worker332211VETASSESSMLTSSL
fibrous plasterer333211VETASSESSMLTSSL
solid plasterer333212VETASSESSMLTSSL
wall and floor tiler333411VETASSESSMLTSSL
plumber (general)334111VETASSESSMLTSSL
roof plumber334115VETASSESSMLTSSL
electrician (general)341111VETASSESSMLTSSL
electrician (special class)341112VETASSESSMLTSSL
airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic342111VETASSESSMLTSSL
technical cable jointer342212VETASSESSMLTSSL
electronic equipment trades worker342313VETASSESSMLTSSL
electronic instrument trades worker (general)342314VETASSESSMLTSSL
primary health organisation manager134213VETASSESSMLTSSL
internal auditor221214VETASSESSMLTSSL
land economist224511VETASSESSMLTSSL
management consultant224711VETASSESSMLTSSL
landscape architect232112VETASSESSMLTSSL
other spatial scientist232214VETASSESSMLTSSL
agricultural consultant234111VETASSESSMLTSSL
agricultural scientist234112VETASSESSMLTSSL
civil engineering technician312212VETASSESSMLTSSL
aquaculture farmer121111VETASSESSSTSOL
cotton grower121211VETASSESSSTSOL
flower grower121212VETASSESSSTSOL
fruit or nut grower121213VETASSESSSTSOL
grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus) / field crop grower (NZ)121214VETASSESSSTSOL
grape grower121215VETASSESSSTSOL
mixed crop farmer121216VETASSESSSTSOL
sugar cane grower121217VETASSESSSTSOL
vegetable grower (Aus) / market gardener (NZ)121221VETASSESSSTSOL
crop farmers (nec)121299VETASSESSSTSOL
beef cattle farmer121312VETASSESSSTSOL
dairy cattle farmer121313VETASSESSSTSOL
mixed livestock farmer121317VETASSESSSTSOL
pig farmer121318VETASSESSSTSOL
poultry farmer121321VETASSESSSTSOL
sheep farmer121322VETASSESSSTSOL
livestock farmers (nec)121399VETASSESSSTSOL
mixed crop and livestock farmer121411VETASSESSSTSOL
corporate services manager132111VETASSESSSTSOL
research and development manager132511VETASSESSSTSOL
production manager (forestry)133511VETASSESSSTSOL
production manager (manufacturing)133512VETASSESSSTSOL
production manager (mining)133513VETASSESSSTSOL
health and welfare services managers (nec)134299VETASSESSSTSOL
school principal134311VETASSESSSTSOL
education managers (nec)134499VETASSESSSTSOL
arts administrator or manager139911VETASSESSSTSOL
laboratory manager139913VETASSESSSTSOL
quality assurance manager139914VETASSESSSTSOL
specialist managers (nec) except:(a) ambassador; or (b) archbishop; or © bishop139999VETASSESSSTSOL
cafe or restaurant manager141111VETASSESSSTSOL
hotel or motel manager141311VETASSESSSTSOL
accommodation and hospitality managers (nec)141999VETASSESSSTSOL
customer service manager149212VETASSESSSTSOL
conference and event organiser149311VETASSESSSTSOL
transport company manager149413VETASSESSSTSOL
facilities manager149913VETASSESSSTSOL
dancer or choreographer211112VETASSESSSTSOL
music director211212VETASSESSSTSOL
music professionals (nec)211299VETASSESSSTSOL
visual arts and crafts professionals (nec)211499VETASSESSSTSOL
artistic director212111VETASSESSSTSOL
book or script editor212212VETASSESSSTSOL
director (film, television, radio or stage)212312VETASSESSSTSOL
film and video editor212314VETASSESSSTSOL
program director (television or radio)212315VETASSESSSTSOL
stage manager212316VETASSESSSTSOL
technical director212317VETASSESSSTSOL
video producer212318VETASSESSSTSOL
newspaper or periodical editor212412VETASSESSSTSOL
print journalist212413VETASSESSSTSOL
technical writer212415VETASSESSSTSOL
television journalist212416VETASSESSSTSOL
journalists and other writers (nec)212499VETASSESSSTSOL
company secretary221211VETASSESSSTSOL
commodities trader222111VETASSESSSTSOL
finance broker222112VETASSESSSTSOL
insurance broker222113VETASSESSSTSOL
financial brokers (nec)222199VETASSESSSTSOL
financial market dealer222211VETASSESSSTSOL
stockbroking dealer222213VETASSESSSTSOL
financial dealers (nec)222299VETASSESSSTSOL
financial investment adviser222311VETASSESSSTSOL
financial investment manager222312VETASSESSSTSOL
recruitment consultant223112VETASSESSSTSOL
gallery or museum curator224212VETASSESSSTSOL
health information manager224213VETASSESSSTSOL
records manager224214VETASSESSSTSOL
organisation and methods analyst224712VETASSESSSTSOL
patents examiner224914VETASSESSSTSOL
information and organisation professionals (nec)224999VETASSESSSTSOL
advertising specialist225111VETASSESSSTSOL
marketing specialist225113VETASSESSSTSOL
ICT account manager225211VETASSESSSTSOL
ICT business development manager225212VETASSESSSTSOL
ICT sales representative225213VETASSESSSTSOL
public relations professional225311VETASSESSSTSOL
technical sales representatives (nec) including education sales representatives225499VETASSESSSTSOL
fashion designer232311VETASSESSSTSOL
industrial designer232312VETASSESSSTSOL
jewellery designer232313VETASSESSSTSOL
graphic designer232411VETASSESSSTSOL
web designer232414VETASSESSSTSOL
interior designer232511VETASSESSSTSOL
urban and regional planner232611VETASSESSSTSOL
education adviser249111VETASSESSSTSOL
art teacher (private tuition)249211VETASSESSSTSOL
dance teacher (private tuition)249212VETASSESSSTSOL
music teacher (private tuition)249214VETASSESSSTSOL
private tutors and teachers (nec)249299VETASSESSSTSOL
teacher of English to speakers of other languages249311VETASSESSSTSOL
occupational health and safety adviser251312VETASSESSSTSOL
industrial pharmacist251512VETASSESSSTSOL
health promotion officer251911VETASSESSSTSOL
health diagnostic and promotion professionals (nec)251999VETASSESSSTSOL
complementary health therapists (nec)252299VETASSESSSTSOL
judicial and other legal professionals (nec)271299VETASSESSSTSOL
careers counsellor272111VETASSESSSTSOL
drug and alcohol counsellor272112VETASSESSSTSOL
family and marriage counsellor272113VETASSESSSTSOL
rehabilitation counsellor272114VETASSESSSTSOL
student counsellor272115VETASSESSSTSOL
counsellors (nec)272199VETASSESSSTSOL
social professionals (nec)272499VETASSESSSTSOL
recreation officer272612VETASSESSSTSOL
anaesthetic technician311211VETASSESSSTSOL
cardiac technician311212VETASSESSSTSOL
pharmacy technician311215VETASSESSSTSOL
medical technicians (nec)311299VETASSESSSTSOL
meat inspector311312VETASSESSSTSOL
primary products inspectors (nec)311399VETASSESSSTSOL
chemistry technician311411VETASSESSSTSOL
earth science technician311412VETASSESSSTSOL
life science technician311413VETASSESSSTSOL
science technicians (nec)311499VETASSESSSTSOL
architectural draftsperson312111VETASSESSSTSOL
building inspector312113VETASSESSSTSOL
architectural, building and surveying technicians (nec)312199VETASSESSSTSOL
metallurgical or materials technician312912VETASSESSSTSOL
mine deputy312913VETASSESSSTSOL
dog handler or trainer361111VETASSESSSTSOL
animal attendants and trainers (nec)361199VETASSESSSTSOL
veterinary nurse361311VETASSESSSTSOL
library technician399312VETASSESSSTSOL
performing arts technicians (nec)399599VETASSESSSTSOL
ambulance officer411111VETASSESSSTSOL
intensive care ambulance paramedic411112VETASSESSSTSOL
diversional therapist411311VETASSESSSTSOL
massage therapist411611VETASSESSSTSOL
disabilities services officer411712VETASSESSSTSOL
family support worker411713VETASSESSSTSOL
residential care officer411715VETASSESSSTSOL
diving instructor (open water)452311VETASSESSSTSOL
gymnastics coach or instructor452312VETASSESSSTSOL
horse riding coach or instructor452313VETASSESSSTSOL
snowsport instructor452314VETASSESSSTSOL
swimming coach or instructor452315VETASSESSSTSOL
tennis coach452316VETASSESSSTSOL
other sports coach or instructor452317VETASSESSSTSOL
sports development officer452321VETASSESSSTSOL
sportspersons (nec)452499VETASSESSSTSOL
contract administrator511111VETASSESSSTSOL
program or project administrator511112VETASSESSSTSOL
insurance loss adjuster599612VETASSESSSTSOL
insurance agent611211VETASSESSSTSOL
retail buyer639211VETASSESSSTSOL

VETASSESS Document Requirements


VETASSESS Requirement for General Occupations


  • Passport
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Qualification Transcript
  • Professional References
  • Change of name documents (if applicable)
  • Proof of salary


VETASSESS Requirement for Trade Occupations


  • Passport
  • Trade Certificate
  • Trade Certificate Transcripts
  • Professional References
  • Salary advice paperwork
  • Tax returns (if applicable)


VETASSESS Requirement for Self Employed


  • Passport
  • Qualifications Certificates
  • Qualifications Transcripts
  • Company Registration Details (if a formal company)
  • Proof of Sole Trader status (for sole traders)
  • Proof of invoices
  • And these payments showing on a Bank Statement
  • Suppliers references
  • Client references
  • Marketing literature
  • Website screenshot (if applicable)
  • Logos
  • Contracts
  • Accountants Reference
  • Solicitors reference


Vetassess Australia Contact

East Melbourne – Headquarters
Level 5, 478 Albert Street
East Melbourne Victoria 3002

+61 3 9655 4801
Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m except Public Holidays.
Postal Address
GPO Box 2752
Melbourne Victoria 3001 Australia





Shanghai – Office
C/o GLC International Group
Suite 201 A-B, Zhongfu Building,
288 Zhaojiabang Rd,
Shanghai, China

+86 21 64731935
Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m except Public Holidays.




New Delhi – Office
C/o EPR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
115, 1st Floor, Square One,
C2-Saket Place,
Saket District Centre,
New Delhi – 110017

+91 11 26544724

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m except Public Holidays.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m except Public Holidays.



UK – Office
0808 234 9873 (UK only)
+44 1242 896 010
Opening hours (UK time)

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m except UK public holidays.


Skill Assessment Processing Times

  • 15 weeks for General Occupations
  • 10 days for General Occupations Priority Processing
  • 4-months+ for Trades Occupations for Stage One and Stage Two

VETASSESS Cost for Trade Skill Assessment


Stage 1 – Documentary Evidence AssessmentAUD $1280.00
Stage 2 – Skills Assessment
Technical interviewAUD $2000.00
Practical demonstrationAUD $2200.00
Reassessment (if you have an unsuccessful assessment outcome)
Stage 1 – Documentary Evidence Assessment ReassessmentAUD $450.00
Stage 2 – Technical Interview ReassessmentAUD $1000.00
Stage 2 – Practical Assessment ReassessmentAUD $1100.00
Stage 1 – Documentary Evidence AssessmentAUD $700.00
Stage 2 – Technical InterviewAUD $700.00
Stage 2 – Practical AssessmentAUD $700.00

VETASSESS Cost for Professional Occupation Skill Assessment

Full Skill Assessment
Application methodApplicant is a resident of Australia for tax purposes* (fee includes GST)Applicant is NOT a resident of Australia for tax purposes*(fee excludes GST)
Online applicationAUD $968.00AUD $880.00
**Priority Processing Fee (available for online applications only)AUD $660.00AUD $600.00
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