Are You Wanted Down Under in 2024?

list of skills wanted down under for Australian migration

Are You Wanted Down Under in 2024?

Australia Occupations in Demand


Australia is still open for Immigration, with a significant range of Australia jobs in demand for 2024. However, it has never been more difficult to obtain a qualified immigration visa to Australia – processing times are slow, the number of visas issued has been reduced, and without the right help it can seem to be an insurmountable challenge.

Skilled migrants face increasing competition for jobs in Australia, particularly in high-tech sectors such as computer science and engineering.

Emigrating Down Under is still very accessible, especially for those with the right occupations, skills and experience. Thousands of people successfully emigrate from to Australia each year, and many of them are starting a new life in Australia for the first time in their lives.

Much of it has to do with lifestyle, salaries and of course the wonderful weather. We have produced an updated list of the most sought-after jobs in Australia, and have also added a section that includes occupations to the Qualified Professions with Priority Migration (PMSOL) section that can apply for an exemption from any of Australia’s travel restrictions.

Moving to Australia Occupations in Demand


Australia has always had a clear and fair immigration policy and welcomed migrant workers and one of the best ways to obtain a Live and Work Permanent Residency visa through the Australian Skilled Migration Program. In fact, every year there are over 200,000 Permanent Residency Visas issued.

The list of Australia occupations in demand is regularly updated by DoHA and currently includes over 200 professions and there are more than 1,000 listed professions in Australia with a total of 1.5 million applicants.

Top Occupations in Demand in Australia


The Australia occupations in demand list shows the occupations and industries where the demand for migrant workers is greatest, so you can see what skills are needed in the country of Australia.

The Australian government has issued an invitation to a particular profession, more needs to be done. Although the term “employment cap” is probably unknown to many.

This is the so-called ’employment ceiling’ is essentially to ensure that there are not only a small number of different professions that make up the majority of jobs in a country like Australia.

This means that even the lowest-skilled occupations will be able to offer potential migrants an invitation to work in the country. There are no further invitations to the occupations concerned after the limit is reached.

Now that the 2023-2024 employment cap has been published, we can know which jobs in Australia are most in demand for migrant workers. Many places are available for these professions, but in other highly qualified professions there may be fewer applicants, so the best advice is always to act early.

Australia needs to boost its economy and return to economic growth if it is to regain its long-term growth potential and the absolutely want to fill the employment caps.

RankJob CategoryOccupation IDOccupation Ceiling 2020-21Change From 2019
1Registered Nurses254417,859350
2Secondary School Teachers24148,716664
3Software and Applications Programmers26138,405-343
5Construction Managers13317,1452,162
6Carpenters and Joiners33126,812-1,724
7Metal Fitters and Machinists32326,335-672
9Motor Mechanics32125,205-1,194
10University Lecturers and Tutors24215,0421,635
11Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers32234,866883
13Management consultants22474,526-743
14General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers25314,257707
15Other Specialist Managers13994,1881,144
16Civil Engineering Professionals23323,919147
17Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers24113,3211,027
18Painting Trades Workers33223,303-27
19Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers23352,6821,082
20Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists26212,667-220
21ICT Business and Systems Analysts26112,273-314
23Computer Network Professionals26312,245-308
24Electronics Trades Workers34232,047734
25Social Workers27251,862-266
26Special Education Teachers24151,721610
27Bricklayers and Stonemasons33111,712102
30Health and Welfare Services Managers13421,666-119
31Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers22121,61967
32Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics34211,581-270
34Medical Laboratory Scientists23461,53631
35Engineering Managers13321,474474
36Occupational Therapists25241,461379
37Architects and Landscape Architects23211,452-719
39Electrical Engineers23331,348348
41Environmental Scientists23431,295-177
42Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials45231,262-2,809
43Animal Attendants and Trainers36111,239188
44Other Medical Practitioners25391,168-82
45Medical Imaging Professionals25121,161-42
46Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals23491,05656
48Wall and Floor Tilers33341,000-682
49Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters21211,000-98
50Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers21111,0000

Occupations with increased demand 2021

RankJob CategoryOccupation IDOccupation Ceiling 2020-21Increase From 2019
1Construction Managers13317,1452,162
2University Lecturers and Tutors24215,0421,635
3Other Specialist Managers13994,1881,144
4Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers23352,6821,082
5Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers24113,3211,027
6Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers32234,866883
8Electronics Trades Workers34232,047734
9General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers25314,257707
10Secondary School Teachers24148,716664
11Special Education Teachers24151,721610
12Engineering Managers13321,474474
13Occupational Therapists25241,461379
14Registered Nurses254417,859350
15Electrical Engineers23331,348348
16Animal Attendants and Trainers36111,239188
17Civil Engineering Professionals23323,919147
19Bricklayers and Stonemasons33111,712102
20Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers22121,61967
21Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals23491,05656
22Medical Laboratory Scientists23461,53631

Priority Australia Occupations in Demand List


The Australian government released a list of critical capabilities needed urgently in the Country.

The 17 occupations (ANZSCO code) on the ​​​​The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) are:
  • Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)
  • Construction Project Manager (133111)
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512)
  • General Practitioner (253111)
  • Resident Medical Officer (253112)
  • Psychiatrist (253411)
  • Medical Practitioner nec (253999)
  • Midwife (254111)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (254422)
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (254423)
  • Registered Nurses nec (254499)
  • Developer Programmer (261312)
  • Software Engineer (261313)
  • Maintenance Planner (312911)

The Top Australia Occupations In Demand in 2024-2025

Australia Occupations in Demand: Medical Professionals

The healthcare industry as a whole has experienced the biggest growth spurt in the last five years, and this trend is expected to continue through 2021. A number of different factors come into play, which means that Australia is the place for registered nurses and other medical staff to find a place to move and work.

The sector is a growing industry, coupled with the fact there is an increasing need for nurses, which means a higher professional limit for roles in the sector.

Australia Occupations in Demand: Trades

The construction industry is also in demand in Australia, where a total of 1.5 million jobs were created in the sector last year. Given that this sector is one of the most sough after it is not surprising that these occupations are also in demand.

In total, there are more than 200 professions on the list for qualified migration, including a number of professions where you may still have a good chance of being accepted if you have the right skills, but only a few people apply.

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